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We released our seventh extension plugin for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin. This is the iPay88 payment gateway extension plugin which allows you to make sales through iPay88 using the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.

How does iPay88 work?

Your customers will add products to their shopping cart on your WordPress website using the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin. When they are ready to pay, they go through the checkout procedure depending on your settings in the plugin.

This is where iPay88 comes into play. Your customers are sent through to the secure iPay88 payment page where they can fill in their billing details in order to make the payment. iPay88 will then send your customers back to your website with the transaction status in order to update the database and the order accordingly.

Get the iPay88 extension plugin

The iPay88 payment gateway is an extension plugin for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin. It is installed as an additional plugin to add the iPay88 payment gateway functionality to your existing WordPress Shopping Cart plugin installation.

Purchase this useful extension for only US$15 for a single domain license and US$75 for an unlimited domains license. You can use the coupon code “2012” (without the quotes) for 10% OFF your purchase. Additionally, the support, upgrades and access to your download is infinite so you don’t need to renew or pay any recurring fees on this.

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