Newsletters: Dynamic Variables/Shortcodes

Predefined Variables Custom Fields Variables WordPress Posts in Newsletters When added through the shortcode manager, the shortcodes are going to be wrapped in [raw] tags, this happens to prevent some themes from causing problems with the shortcode output. All emails sent through the WordPress Newsletter plugin (not just newsletters, but expiration notifications, confirmation emails, etc…) […]

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Newsletter plugin v3.9.4 release notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.9.4 release notes. Added Gravity Forms integration (extension). Select list(s) to show in select/checkbox subscribe form. ‘eftype‘ (excerpt/full post) parameter for the [wpmlpost…] shortcode. [wpmlpost_thumbnail] shortcode to display any post featured image thumbnail. [wpmlpost_permalink] shortcode to output the URL/permalink of any post. New shortcodes under “Variables & Custom Fields” box when creating […]

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Newsletters: v3.8.3 Release Notes

WordPress Newsletters plugin v3.8.3 release notes. ADDED Latest posts subscription which sends out recent posts at your specified interval. Several settings are available such as number of posts, post categories, excluded posts, mailing list(s) to send to and the theme to use. Multi-part emails with HTML and plain text MIME types to let the client […]

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Newsletters Config: General Mail Settings

Newletters > Configuration > General > General Mail Settings General Mail Settings 1. Newsletters RSS Feed This is set to “Off” by default. Turning this “On” will show a RSS feed of newsletters. i.e. . 2. Administrator Email This is the email that will be used as the Administrator’s email account. All admin notifications […]

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Newsletters Config: Latest Posts Subscription

Newsletters  > Configuration > Latest Posts Subscription This feature sends out latest posts on an predefined interval. However, it only sends an excerpt of the latest post. The posts show featured images defined for posts using the standard WordPress the_post_thumbnail() function. To change the way the emails of the Latest Posts Subscription feature looks, feel […]

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