Why Blogging Is So Important For New Ecommerce Stores

Image credit: Pxfuel   Throughout the world, there’s no shortage of people interested in the ecommerce industry, and it’s easy to understand why. In the challenging circumstances of 2020 (which have caused so many businesses and entire industries to struggle), online retail has excelled. It’s actually become significantly more important with brick-and-mortar stores closed. That […]

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How Chatbots Can Improve The UX Of Your WordPress Website

Image credit: Pixabay Website standards keep changing. How much? Think about what we’d accept when the internet was still fairly new. Slow pages, odd designs, missing images, malfunctions… it was all tolerable because users couldn’t realistically expect better, but now the situation is very different. After years of progress, today’s UX (user experience) standard is […]

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