Reintroducing the Drag and Drop Builder for the Tribulant Newsletter Plugin

Some time around 2019, the drag & drop newsletter & template builder was removed from our Tribulant Newsletter plugin due to challenges in maintaining it. Many of our customers have requested that it be brought back as it helps tremendously in template building, and we definitely agree. We are thrilled to announce that we have […]

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Is Incognito Mode safe for browsing?

Intro When it comes to browsing the web anonymously, everyone has a preferred method like browsing on Incognito Mode. So, do you know that when you’re using your browser’s Incognito Mode, third parties can still detect your online activities? Those third parties can be your ISP, the government, or even your Wi-Fi service provider. In this article, […]

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How WordPress Plugins Work Together

All of the almost 60,000 (at time of publication) free WordPress plugins use the same coding languages: mainly PHP with some HTML, CSS, and JavaScript thrown in to spice things up. Theoretically, it would seem that WordPress plugins could work together when multiple plugins are used for a WordPress site. In reality, though, there are […]

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Small Business Digital Marketing: 4 Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic

Do you dream of looking at your site analytics and seeing a big upturn in traffic? It doesn’t have to just be a dream! The average marketing spending of companies is around 7-12% of revenue, which is a sizeable chunk to spend, so it’s clear that there is value in it. But where do you […]

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Selling on Amazon – Benefits and Features Overview

Amazon is a large and complex e-commerce platform. While the marketplace has done its best to deliver an excellent client experience and website usability to shoppers, it also cares for the merchants, offering them a single place to run and manage their store. Such an in-build Amazon platform for internal usage is called Seller Central, […]

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6 Useful Tips to Better Manage a Legal Practice

Addressing the needs of clients, managing finances, ensuring compliance with rules and laws, and ensuring the overall health of your firm can make running a law practice feel more like a job than a passion. Bad leadership can have a corrosive effect on an entire company, damaging employees’ morale, alienating clients, and preventing the organization […]

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Tips for managing your online store

Managing any kind of store can be very hard and time consuming. However, it is a very important thing to do. Your site will be the thing that can make or break your business; therefore, you need to spend some time working on it and keeping it accessible and easy to navigate. So it is […]

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How to Make a Stellar Software Developer Resume?

A solid way to be on par with the industry trends is to jump on the technology bandwagon. A fairly recent realization, there has been a boom in demand for software developers to optimize websites. In a work environment saturated with software developers, it might be difficult to offer a different perspective on your software […]

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How to Add Google Workspace to Your WordPress Site

There is some good news for WordPress users. A partnership with Google will now give you access to all the functionalities of Google Workspace. Google Workspace has tons of excellent features. It allows for easy collaboration and sharing of documents. It is also previously known as G Suite. Don’t get confused if the 2 terms […]

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Becoming a successful blogger in 2021 – 8 useful tips

Want to make money online? Blogging could be the best way to earn money while exploiting the Internet. While there are so many people pouring all of their efforts into social media, an email list and a blog are the two areas that you have complete control over. When you start a blog, you can […]

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