Banner Rotator plugin v3.0


This is a major release of the Banner Rotator plugin for WordPress and it is packed with an amazing set of new features to make banner ad management in your WordPress site so much easier and more efficient.

I’ll go through some of the feature highlights here quickly but please be sure to have a look at the detailed release notes of this release to get a better overview of what has changed.

Feature Highlights

Amazing new features have been added to the plugin such as:

New Overview and Dashboard Widget


A brand new Overview section for the Banner Rotator plugin with a chart/graph showing impressions/views and clicks for all banner ads as a whole per day for the last month. A minified version of this chart/graph has been used on the WordPress dashboard to give you an overview.

Additionally, the new Overview section gives you quick access to banner ads, zones, sizes and more. It also shows all ads currently not running with a reason for each such as expired, maximum impressions reached, set as inactive, etc. so that you are aware of which ads aren’t running and why not.

Automatic Upgrades/Updates


From this version of the Banner Rotator plugin forward, you will be notified inside your WordPress Dashboard when a new version is available.

The update notification will show in the Banners plugin and also in your Plugins page of your Dashboard. A change log with release notes can be seen in both sections so that you are aware of what has changed. You can then update/upgrade the Banner Rotator plugin immediately, right there and then without having to manually upload files.

WordPress Roles/Permissions Integration


Simple yet flexible WordPress roles/permissions API has been integrated so that you can control which user role can access which section of the Banner Rotator plugin in the Dashboard accordingly. Custom roles created using the WordPress roles/permissions API will show up in the settings as well so that you can include them in your permissions control.

New Sorting of Ads per Zone


With an easy-to-use drag and drop interface, you can now quickly and easily sort/order your banner ads inside your zones based on the order that you want them to appear when using the Auto Rotate (Ajax) feature.

Offsite HTML Code for Ads


You can now generate HTML code for each banner to copy and paste into any external WordPress or even a non-WordPress site according to your needs.

Sortable Columns in All Sections


As the title says, sortable columns in all your WordPress Dashboard sections of the WordPress Banner Rotator plugin which makes it easier for you to manage banner ads, sizes and zones. Simply click on the headings/titles of the columns in the admin sections to see the records/rows order accordingly.

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Existing Customers

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