Banners plugin 3.4.1

Version 3.4.1 of the WordPress Banner Rotator plugin is available now.

WordPress Banner Rotator plugin

For a list of changes made, see the detailed release notes.

What is the WordPress Banners plugin?

The WordPress Banners plugin is an ads publishing plugin for WordPress.

You can create multiple ads in zones of different sizes and display them throughout your WordPress posts, pages, sidebars and more.

Image, code, Flash and video ads are supported so the possibilities are endless.

New Feature Highlights

Here are some of the new features added:

Detect Ad Blockers

You can now turn on ad blocker detection to show an overlay and message to users who have an ad blocker enabled in their browser. This overlay and message makes the content inaccessible behind it, asking the user to turn off their ad blocker or whitelist the website.

Enable/disable detection of ad blocker by ticking on/off  “Yes, detect ad blockers of users” checkbox.
Customize the message your users will see if the ad blocker is detected:

Find this feature under Newsletters > Settings > Ad Blockers section

Quick Actions on Ads

Now you can activate/deactivate every ad directly in admin tables. Hover over the Status column in order to activate/deactivate the ad.

Export Banner Stats

Easily export your banner statistics to a CSV file by clicking on “Export Stats” option under CTR% column.

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