WordPress Banner Rotator Plugin v2.3.7

I’ve been working on the WordPress Banner Rotator plugin for the past two weeks together with a new partner and we are proud to announce the release of v2.3.7 which is packed with a set of great new features together with a bunch of improvements/fixes throughout the software. To see a full list of changes made to this new version of the plugin, please read the banner rotator release notes.

Did I say new partner? Indeed, yes! Jeremiah Banister (aka. Jay) from AllinJac.com approached me with a bunch of ideas on how the product can be improved and expanded into a more powerful publishing tool. As a result, Jay and I started working together and built a few impressive features to make your banner management even easier and more rewarding than before. Throughout the development, Jay took advantage of his high-traffic website to ensure that the plugin remains stable even when it is being pushed to the ultimate limits. Welcome to the team Jay! Its great to have you onboard, constantly picking my brain with new ideas.

This release includes very useful features such as assigning an ad to multiple zones, auto refreshing banner ads which makes use of Ajax technology and also embedding ads into your theme or sidebar and specifying both a specific size and specific zone from which ads should be used. Overall, several usability features have been implemented to improve your interaction with the plugin as the administrator.

We are already hard at work on a new release. An idea which has been discussed is automated paid banner ads. With this feature, users on your site whom might be interested in advertising with you can fill in a form, upload their banner(s) and pay via PayPal/Credit Card in order to have their ads on your site. More information will be posted as the development moves forward.

For now, go ahead and download your update from the downloads management section on our site. In case you have purchased the WordPress Plugins Bundle, you may re-download your bundle inside of which this latest release of the Banner Rotator plugin will be included. If your upgrades expired and you see a message in the downloads management section saying that you need to renew, click the link to pay $5 USD for another 3 months of updates. It should be worth every penny!

Installation is a simple procedure. Simply upload the “wp-banners” folder to your “wp-content/plugins/” folder. If you are upgrading from a previous version, follow the same procedure but be sure to overwrite all existent plugin files from the previous version. Remember to activate your plugin and then you are set to go!

Jay and I wish you a pleasant experience with the plugin and we are looking forward to your comments, queries and suggestions. Have fun!

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