WordPress Banners plugin v2.6

After we received feedback from our customers, we worked on the WordPress Banners plugin to release this new version with several fixes, improvements and of course some new features as well. See the full release notes for v2.6 and let me tell you about some of the new features…

Ordering/Sorting of Ads per Zone

You can now easily order/sort the banner ads within each zone. This is a useful feature since the banner ads will refresh in the order which you specify when you embed or hardcode a zone or when using a sidebar widget with a zone.

Zone ads order can be turned on/off globally in the configuration of the plugin. Please note that the order only works with the Ajax auto refresh feature and not with actual page refresh.

Multiple Ads per Widget

In each of your sidebar widgets, you can display multiple banner ads per widget.

You get to fill in a number of your choice, so whether it is 3, 6 or even 20 it will show that many ads in a single widget and still function fully with the Ajax auto refresh feature.

When you use multiple ads per widget anywhere on the site, we recommend that you turn OFF the global zone ads ordering to prevent duplicate banner ads from showing up in sidebar widgets.

User Access Levels

Giving access to editors or even authors is now easy with the Banners plugin. You can specify which user level between 1 and 10 can access each individual level of the plugin by setting it in the configuration of the plugin.

Improved Admin Panel

All the admin sections where you manage adverts, zones and sizes have some new features to make it easier for you to navigate, find things and edit them as needed.

Row actions were added to all sections so that when you hover the records with your mouse, action links appear below the currently hovered record to View, Edit, Delete, etc. the records.

Sorting options have been improved in all sections to order records by title A to Z and Z to A. Same with date New to Old and Old to New. Additionally, a ‘Show All’ link is available to quickly view all the records without paging.

Turn jQuery On/Off

For compatibility reasons, you can control whether or not the jQuery library should be loaded. You can turn it On/Off in the configuration of the plugin. If you know that jQuery is already manually loaded in the HEAD of your theme or a 3rd party plugin is loading it, then simply turn it Off to prevent conflict.

And Much More…

There are several other fixes and improvements. Check the release notes for a full list with details. Enjoy the new release and remember to send us your feedback!

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