Becoming a successful blogger in 2021 – 8 useful tips

Want to make money online? Blogging could be the best way to earn money while exploiting the Internet. While there are so many people pouring all of their efforts into social media, an email list and a blog are the two areas that you have complete control over. When you start a blog, you can post when you want, what you want and can even grow your social media channels via your blog.

Yes, it is 2021 and the naysayers might claim that blogging is dead, but Forbes says that blogging isn’t dead and you can not only create a blog but also monetize it.

In 2021, becoming a blogger means competing with millions of already established bloggers who are actively blogging on 1.8 billion websites and over 570 million active blogs. So, how do you stand out and how to monetize a blog so that you can earn money?

Keep reading to get some helpful tips on becoming a successful blogger.


  1. You need to have impeccable writing skills 

To become a successful blogger, you need to have exceptional writing skills. Writing well is one of the most basic skills for becoming a blogger and the readership of your blog will depend on how articulately you can present your thoughts, opinions, and ideas to your readers. Also, you need to continuously refine your writing skills by investing a lot of time in studying the tonality and language that your readers want.

When it comes to blogging, writing skills don’t always mean to write like an expert like novelists or those who work for the print media. You have to write like an individual who can present his/her thoughts clearly and in an engaging manner. You can check out some of the popular blogs that are breaking the Internet to get an idea of the kind of writing skills that you require.


  1. Become a voracious reader 

Blogging means talking about things that deeply affect you or sharing an opinion and so on. To make sure that you always have something to blog on, you need to become a voracious reader. From reading books and novels to staying updated with what’s happening across the globe and also consuming content on the OTT platforms, you have to constantly feed yourself with new information. If you’ve already found a niche, make sure to dedicate a lot of time researching and reading all the goings-on in that niche.


  1. Find your niche 

Before starting your blog, you have to find out your blogging niche or your target audience. This is one of the hardest parts of becoming a blogger to earn money through your blogs. If you are simply starting a blog to share your thoughts and not worried about driving traffic or monetizing your blog, you can share whatever thoughts and ideas come to you. But, when it comes to making money, you have to make sure that you cater to the needs of your readers. Because you cannot expect your readers to be interested in all the topics that you love personally. So, picking a niche is easier as the chances of readers sticking to you are higher. If they love one of your posts, there is a high chance that they will come back for more.

Some of the blog niches that you can consider are tech blogs, travel blogs, political blogs, and so on.


  1. Blog at least twice a week 

Blogging twice a week is advisable to keep your blog active and readers interested. However, if you want to become a full-time blogger, you have to blog at least one blog post per day. Daily blogging has its perks – you get to improve your writing skills while improving the domain authority of the blog. Keep an eye out for Google trends so that some of the blog posts can be written around topics that are already making waves on the Internet.


  1. Write blogs that are 2000+ words 

It has been generally found that blog posts with more than 2000 words rank higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages). The reason behind this is that in-depth blogs provide better crawling opportunities to search engine spiders. Also, keeps the readers hooked and doesn’t leave them hanging. Furthermore, you get the opportunity to rank for several keywords.


  1. Focus on crisp writing with short paragraphs 

Reading on the Internet is not the same as reading a book. You have to make sure that the blog post is formatted properly so that it not only reads well but also looks appealing. One way to ensure that 90% of your bloggers stay hooked is by breaking up your blog into short paragraphs that contain 4 to 6 lines. Use subheads and bullets intelligently to highlight the points that you wish to get across to your readers. This way you get to appeal to even those writers who like to skim through blogs but might stay for longer if the subheadings and other pointers stand out.


  1. Make use of the tools available for bloggers 

For helping bloggers, there are myriad free and paid tools available on the Internet. You can utilize the proofreading tools, content idea generation tools, tools offering blog title ideas, and so on. Also, you will find analytics tools that will help you to track your flow of traffic, get insights about your audience, know the location from where you are getting maximum traffic, and so on.


  1. Coming up with killer blog titles is a must 

Last but not least, you need killer blog titles to attract the attention of your target audience. The blog title ought to be catchy, interesting, and hard to ignore. Also, you must do keyword research to find out what type of titles will help you drive traffic and gain online visibility.


The bottom line 

Blogging is an art, and to become a successful blogger, you have to continuously polish and refine your writing skills. You also need to read a lot and keep in mind user suggestions. Remember to post your blog across all of your social media channels to get the maximum attention.

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