Guide: 4 tips on how to become a blogger

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Blogging is still going strong online and many people are making a living from it. That said, it’s not just that easy peasy, as you have to be able to write about something people want to read about. And then there is the writing, which you have to have some sort of passion for. In this mini-guide, you will be able to figure out what it takes to become a blogger.


Find your niche

The first step is to figure out what you want to write about. Do you have any experience with anything specific topic-wise? Maybe you’re into fashion, arts, cars, or traveling? If you’re really into betting and regularly check the NFL odds or read sports news, maybe that’s your thing. 

You can write about NFL lines or other things related to this topic. Maybe write guides on how to do betting and what to be aware of? If you’re more into traveling, then that is still a hot topic as well. People love reading travel blogs about destinations they are about to visit themselves or read intriguing stories. What people want to know when it comes to travel blogs is how much things cost, how to get there, what to expect, and what to see.


Make the website

There are many options available in terms of making a website. WordPress is a really good option in terms of websites and also blog sites. There are a lot of tools and editing options with WordPress, which makes it very beneficial for you. You can install WordPress plugins to add features to your website, WordPress themes to completely change the design to an attractive one, and enjoy building your website.


Domain & Hosting

This is the name of your blog, which is super important. It’s all about being creative here, but don’t make it too complicated either. And remember many of the good simple domain names are probably already taken, so use your imagination.

When ready, make sure to pick the right hosting company, such as our Tribulant hosting, that includes managed hosting. That way, they’ll help you install your website’s CMS, back it up for you, give you free SSL, create email accounts, and more.


The actual writing

When it comes to writing different vlogs on your websites, it’s a really good idea to plan them. It will take a long time to start with, but that’s normal. Some great writing tips are to read other blogs and news to find inspiration. Make sure someone reads through your content and that your spelling and grammar are good. You’ll also be able to reach out to more people by making your content readable on smartphones and tablets. Remember to have photos on your blogs in the right resolutions as well. You can read more about this online for pictures on blog posts.

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