Writing A Blog Post: 5 Hints Everybody Should Know


If you have decided to join the rest of the world in creating a blog, then you had better come prepared. Don’t get me wrong. It is one of the most satisfying things out there to share your passion with the world.

But you want people to see your work and that is why you need to up your game if you want to compete with already established blogs. Here are a couple of hints that every blog writer should know to make a success.



Know your audience

The chances are that you have ideas that you want to share with like-minded people. Then you have to create your blog with those people in mind. You are going to waste a lot of energy to try and convince people who don’t share your passion for checking out your blog.

Rather spend that time and energy on the people in your niche and see how they influence the people around them. You have to present yourself as an expert and your followers will see right through you if you give them second-hand info or watered-down content.

Use social media to your advantage

The key to running a successful blog and getting enough visitors to make it worth your while is to get the word out and the best way to do that is through social media. The trick is not to use social media as advertising board but rather to mingle with people of influence and tag them in your posts.

Be it promoting blog on WordPress platform or any other CMS for that matter, influencers are the people who direct the traffic to your site and if you can line a couple of big fish, then your chances at reaching the top get exponentially better.

Use enough quality images and graphics

Aesthetics will get you far in the world of blogging; that is why you should spend a fair amount of time to sharpen your digital graphics skills. You don’t have to be an artist to create beautiful posts. There are hundreds of tools out there that do the hard work for you.

If that still seems too daunting for you, then you can get free stock images to use in your blog. You only need to ensure that your graphics are of high quality.

Choose a theme and create all your visuals according to the theme to make your blog look professionally beautiful. While you are busy doing all the hard work, contact a PhD research proposal writing service for your academic work. In addition to Ph.D. writing, Writix takes care of other academic writing as well, which includes essays and term papers.

Using call to action to your advantage

If you haven’t started to use a call to action in your blog, then you are missing out on some serious traffic-generating potential. Whether you prompt a reader to read another article or to subscribe to a newsletter, you should include a call to action in every post, especially when you are just starting.

Not every call to action should ask the reader to buy something, all you want to achieve is maximum exposure and the more tools you use for this purpose, the better.

Set up an email list from the get-go

The internet is rife with new content and people will forget about your site faster than they discovered it. If someone stumbles upon your blog, make sure to give them an option to subscribe to a newsletter.

With an email list, you’ll be able to remind them of the cool blog they discovered regularly and if you continue to provide them with stuff worth reading, they will return. You could even use the mailing list as a survey tool to see what your fans want to read about.




Blogging can be extremely satisfying and if you start off right, you’ll soon be able to change your blog from only being a hobby to a legitimate business. If you use the tools that are available and if you build slowly, you will be able to make a success of your blog. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes and think about what you would like to see in a blog and work from there. At the end of the day, you’ll be running a successful blog that generates a healthy income.

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