5 Must-Haves When You’re Working From Home – 2023 Guide

If 2020 taught the workers of the world one thing, it’s that a staggering number of them were woefully unprepared to work away from the office. It’s hardly surprising; most pre-pandemic office-based roles were exactly that — office-based. Before governments forced the world into lockdown, remote work was regarded as the exclusive domain of fanciful freelancers and digital nomads — the average person simply had no need for a dedicated home workspace.

Fast forward to 2023, and while some employers have chosen to maintain their rigid devotion to in-office working, many businesses have openly embraced a hybrid or remote working environment. In fact, thanks to the rise of EOR services such as Remote, it’s now relatively common for recruitment drives to take place on a global scale, with teams composed of workers from all over the world.

Though despite these seismic shifts, many remote workers are still yet to equip themselves — and their homes — with the equipment they need. If this sounds familiar, then read on, as we delve into 5 essential ‘must-haves’ when working from home.


Ergonomic workplace setup

Gone are the days when you could hunch over your laptop on the couch for hours on end without feeling the consequences. An ergonomic workspace is your ticket to a healthier and more productive remote work experience. Invest in a comfortable chair that supports your posture and a desk that’s at the right height for you. Your monitor should be at eye level to reduce strain on your neck.

Don’t forget about keyboard and mouse ergonomics, either. Consider using a separate keyboard and mouse to prevent wrist strain. And if you’re on your feet a lot, a standing desk converter can provide a welcome change of position throughout the day.


Reliable high-speed internet

Buffering videos and dropped video calls are not only frustrating but can also hinder your productivity. A stable, high-speed internet connection is non-negotiable for remote work. Make sure your internet plan can handle the demands of video conferencing, file sharing, and cloud-based applications without causing slowdowns. This is doubly-important if you’re not the only person working remotely in your household.

Consider investing in a quality router and positioning it in a central location to ensure strong coverage throughout your home. If your work requires large file transfers or video streaming, opting for a higher-tier internet plan could be a game-changer for your productivity. While a change in ISP is often necessary, it’s one of the many hidden costs associated with working from home, so if you’re strapped for cash then we’d recommend MoneySupermarket’s guide to choosing a broadband package on a budget.


Noise-canceling headphones

Barking dogs, chatty neighbors, and street noise can turn your workday into a symphony of distractions. Noise-canceling headphones are your secret weapon against unwanted background sounds. These technological marvels use advanced algorithms to actively cancel out ambient noise, allowing you to focus on your tasks without disruptions.

Whether you’re attending virtual meetings, diving into deep work, or simply enjoying some tunes during breaks, noise-canceling headphones can create a bubble of tranquility in even the noisiest of environments. For some ‘phones that won’t break the bank, we’d recommend the Lindy BNX-60’s, but if you’re looking for the best money can buy, you need Sony’s premium offering.


Effective task and time-management tools

Working from home requires a different level of self-discipline. Without the structured routine of the office, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of distractions. Effective task and time management tools are your allies in staying organized and on track.

Explore project management platforms like NiftyPM or Asana to organize your tasks, set deadlines, and collaborate with team members. Time-tracking apps can help you monitor your work hours and identify patterns of productivity. By harnessing these tools, you can maintain a healthy work-life balance and ensure that you’re meeting your professional goals.


A dedicated work-space

Your bed might be cozy, but it’s not the ideal place to conquer your to-do list. Creating a dedicated work space is a psychological and practical necessity. This designated area not only signals to your brain that it’s time to focus, but it also minimizes distractions. And besides, designing a home office can be fun — think of it as a chance to express your inner interior designer!

Choose a quiet corner or room where you can set up your workstation. Personalize it with plants, artwork, or motivational quotes to make it an inviting space. When you step into this area, you’ll be in “work mode”, and when you leave, you can mentally switch off from work.


Love it or hate it, remote work is here to stay, and while the landscape of work has evolved, so must our approach to it. Equipping yourself with these 5 must-haves can transform your home into a productive haven and help you thrive in your remote work journey. Whether you’re a seasoned remote worker or new to the concept, embracing these essentials can set you up for success and make your home office a hub of productivity and innovation.

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