5 Tips For Phone Calls That Still Matter In 2021

One of the most critical factors that’ll affect your business’s success is the quality of communication you provide to your customers. If you want to build your company and expand your customer base, you need to establish an effective communication system where your clients can easily reach you.


Most people prefer to make a phone call whenever they need to ask questions or inquire about your products or services. If you aim to keep a good image in the eyes of your target market, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Handle Rejections Professionally

Answering phone calls are essential for any business. Most companies have a dedicated phone line to take customer inquiries or make cold calls to clients. There will be instances when you’ll encounter difficult calls, such as an angry caller or rejection from a potential client. When this happens, you should know how to deal with the situation and carry on without affecting your performance.

You must keep a professional attitude on the phone at all times. For instance, if you’re doing cold calls to clients to offer your new products and services, expect that not everyone will say yes. When this happens, you should follow these tips and ensure that you handle each rejection properly and convert the cold call into a positive result. How you answer phone calls and talk to clients will also reflect your company’s image, so you should always remain professional and calm.


  1. Mention Your Company Name

A business phone call is different from a typical phone call with a friend. You need to follow some standard guidelines when taking business calls, and one of them is mentioning your company name. Whenever you pick up a call from a client, you need to greet them and confirm that they’re calling the right place by stating the name of your company or organization. Doing so will also assure the caller that you can address their concerns accordingly.

Having a standard response when taking calls will also build the credibility and branding of your company. Providing excellent customer service on the phone is a great marketing strategy to establish your branding and promote your products and services to your target market. Your customers will also remember your company better if you have a uniform phone call response and your employees have a professional demeanor when communicating on the phone.



  1. Pay Attention to Your Tone

Besides following a standard response when taking phone calls from clients, you should also be mindful of how you sound on the phone. You need to learn how to communicate with your clients properly, mainly because they can’t see you face-to-face. They may misinterpret your intentions if your voice sounds rude or inattentive when answering their questions.

Whenever you pick up calls from your clients, you should sound enthusiastic and polite, even if you encounter frustrated callers. Let the customer finish what they’re saying before you respond, and always maintain a professional attitude.

If you can’t assist your customers and address their concerns, ensure that you still thank them for calling. Ask them if they require further assistance and apologize for not solving their problems before you hang up. Answering phones with a calm tone will help appease your clients and assure them that you value their experiences.


  1. Answer Phone Calls Promptly

It’s crucial that you don’t make your clients wait too long when they call your company. If they always encounter delayed responses, they will eventually find another business that can provide better services.

Always pick up a client phone call after the third ring. Waiting for a few seconds before answering the phone will provide enough time for you to compose yourself and prepare your response. It will also give time for the client to prepare their questions about your products or services.

You may catch the caller off guard if you immediately pick up their call. They may also forget their purpose for making the call if they’re startled by your abrupt response. To avoid these instances, it’s best to always wait for three rings before answering.

At the same time, ensure that you don’t make your customer wait too long on the phone. They may grow impatient if they need to call your number multiple times before getting a response. If you have poor phone call services, you’ll risk getting bad reviews from your customers, affecting your company’s brand and sales.


  1. Don’t Forget to Return Calls

It’s not unusual for a company to receive calls from clients that require a follow-up or clarification. If the concern is too complicated to be addressed instantly, it’s best to schedule another phone call with the client rather than making them wait until you find the solution for their problem. Don’t forget to get back to your clients within the day and provide the necessary information to address their concerns.

If a caller asks for a person who’s currently unavailable, ask if he wants to leave a message instead. Don’t forget to ask for his information and assure him that you’ll pass on his message to the intended recipient. Remember to always return your clients’ calls to establish a good relationship with them and keep them loyal to your brand.


Final Thoughts

It’s undeniable that phone calls remain one of the most popular means to communicate with customers. It plays an essential role in establishing your company image, so you need to pay attention to the quality of service you provide on the phone.

Answering questions with a positive attitude and properly addressing your customers’ concerns will ensure that your target market will have a satisfactory experience with your brand.

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