5 Tools to Use for Better Website Analytics

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Every business can benefit from valuable feedback that is regularly provided about its finances, marketing, customer service, and so on. Tracking and measuring various metrics and keeping a close eye on the objectives allows entrepreneurs to see what works well but also what needs to be improved.

One great way to track important metrics is to make use of good web analytic tools. They gather important data and transform it into meaningful analytics that are easy to understand. This kind of insight shows how your website is performing and what holds it back.

Below we’ve listed the five tools that can help you with website analytics.


Microsoft Excel

Excel is considered as one of the fundamental tools for modern businesses. It gives users the ability to calculate, organize, and evaluate quantitative data. In addition, it allows managers to have the information they need to make informed decisions that can affect the company.

However, being proficient in the advanced functions of Excel can make a difference. This tool can become very important for providing essential analytics that allows the business to identify under-performing areas and improve on them.

With trained employees that possess a high level of knowledge in Excel, a business gets to enjoy some great benefits.

The main one is increased efficiency and productivity. Since Excel is an essential tool that speeds up a number of dull tasks, it also leaves more time for employees to focus on more important matters.

With a better understanding of Excel, the user gets the ability to use its more sophisticated functionalities, which allows them to complete many tasks quickly and analyze the data more efficiently. Excel will also allow a user to keep employees up-to-date on data, which can streamline the workflow process.

A high level of productivity and great time-efficiency are the game changers in today’s over-saturated markets. For instance, if you run a business in an over-competitive business environment like New York, it would really benefit your operation to gain a better understanding of Excel.

If training a staff member or even yourself is not an option, it would be wise to find a good Excel consultant in NYC. They will teach you everything you need to know to master this useful, old-but-gold tool.


Google Analytics

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Many entrepreneurs and marketers have found success using Google’s analytics toolkit. This is no surprise, since Google Analytics offers a platter of important information ranging from live website traffic data, traffic sources, data about the target audience to integrations for other Google products (Ads).

Even though the amount of information is ample and dense, the layout and interface are fairly straightforward, so an average user will have no trouble mastering all the ins and outs of Google Analytics.

Most users like Google Analytics because of one interesting benefit it brings. This toolkit was released by the company behind the world’s most popular search engine, and as such, it offers many functionalities for free.

On the other hand, most other rivals charge for those same functionalities. This is a huge benefit that most users find to be the deciding factor when choosing where to spend their money.

The standard version is enough for most beginners looking to access general web analytics tools. However, there’s also a premium version for more advanced needs, such as unsampled reporting, raw data, Salesforce integration, advanced funnel reporting, and more.



Ahrefs is a famous all-in-one SEO toolkit powered by extraordinary developers and a very helpful community and support. This software solution is not only used by SEO experts, but it is also popular among regular business owners and marketers.

Ahrefs was designed to help users monitor website analytics, and it does so extremely well. The interface is intuitive, and no user will have a hard time figuring out how to use this software solution. Also, the design is gorgeous, and all the data Ahrefs examines is transformed into meaningful analytics that is very easy to understand.

SEO experts only have words of praise for Ahrefs. This is largely due to the software’s auditing, development, and improvement features that deal with web design and SEO.

On top of that, Ahrefs allows users to take a look and analyze the rivals’ websites, giving them a chance to explore and utilize gaps between their own businesses and their competitors.


Moz Pro

Moz Pro is one of the first tools that placed main focus on search engine optimization. Just like Ahrefs, it is widely popular even today.

Moz Pro is an all-in-one suite of SEO tools, and it can guide you through the whole SEO strategy journey, from finding the right keywords to creating custom reports.

This software solution allows users to see how people are searching for products and services that their business offers, enabling strategic and accurate keyword targeting. On top of that, Moz Pro can accurately track how your website is ranking for relevant keywords while providing this information about the competition as well.

Many web developers turn to Moz Pro because it can identify problems with a website and help users fix them. The tool’s crawler goes through every corner of a website to find errors and problems and shows users how to fix them.



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SEMrush has grown considerably in recent years, and it takes pride in the fact that over 6,000,000 marketers are using its services. With SEMrush, a business can gather important website data to create analytics that helps steer the marketing team in the right direction.

This software solution’s main focus is to provide insights that help a business create powerful ads and user-focused content that drives clicks and shares on social media platforms.

The best bit about SEMrush is that it offers a wide variety of tools that can help with a range of website and marketing-related processes. For instance, it allows users to research rival ad campaigns, ad budgets, it can audit one’s backlink profile, and it can also track a business’s performance across social media networks.

This 360-degree approach to online marketing is what businesses appreciate the most when it comes to SEMrush.



Take another look at these tools and see which of them would best fit your business needs. They will most certainly help you identify and fix problems with your website, including technical and on-page issues.

On top of that, every marketing team will benefit from critical information such as traffic sources, traffic mediums, visitors demographics, conversion rates, and so on. Not only can a business make its website stellar with useful analytics tools, but it can also boost all efforts invested in marketing.

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