6 Legit Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Traffic – it’s the lifeblood of your business. Without it, you don’t have anyone looking at your offers. You don’t have anyone slipping money in your PayPal account. You don’t even have anyone joining your mailing list.

That’s why you need to generate a lot of traffic. And that’s why you need to start implementing these six traffic-generation methods.


Tip#1: Leverage The Power of PPC

Google Ads is the biggest and most well-known pay-per-click (PPC) promotional method. It’s easy to optimise and gets quick results in a short time period.

Be sure to focus on tightly related words to whatever it is you’re selling in all cases. And be sure to test, track and tweak your campaigns so that you know which keywords and ads work and which ones are a waste of money.


Tip#2: Start an Affiliate Program

You can start an affiliate program using a third-party payment processor like Clickbank.com or Plimus.com. You can also take your existing payment processor and integrate it with an affiliate script.

Tip: If you’re selling downloadable goods, then be sure to offer generous commissions (at least 50%) to attract the top affiliates. You may even approach the super affiliates in your niche and offer them even higher commissions (e.g., 75%) because their promotions will help you build a customer list that much more quickly.


Tip#3: Do Joint Ventures

This is where two or more marketers get together for mutually beneficial purposes.

Example: If you and another marketer in your niche both ship products, then you can include each other’s coupons of flyers in your respective shipments.


Tip#4: Tap Into Social Media

Be where your target audience is. Generally, Facebook is home to people with various interests. However, platforms like Instagram or Snapchat have specific people using them. Based on your Target Audience, decide which platform can get more traction to your business and work on it.


Tip#5: Do Media Buys

In other words, buy banners and text ads on other people’s sites.

Just be sure to do your due diligence first to make sure that the site’s visitor demographics are a good match to your offer.


Tip#6: Create, Optimise and Distribute Content

Creating and sharing any kind of engaging content is a good idea. But if you optimise the content for the search engines, you get the benefit of attracting traffic from Google.

Once you’ve created optimised content, you can share it anywhere and everywhere, including on your blog, on social media sites, on article directories (like EzineArticles.com), on content-sharing sites on your joint venture partner’s blog, and so on.


Bonus: Use Social Media To Generate Buzz About Your Business

More and more businesses – both online and offline – are riding the social media wave. And for a good reason: Promoting on social media sites works!

It’s a great way to connect with your audience, plus many social media sites have a built-in viral component. That’s why you’ll want to tap into these seven methods for generating buzz with social media.


Post a “Top Ten” List on your Facebook Page

People love “top 10” lists – and if the lists are good enough, they’ll share these lists with their friends. At the very least, they’ll click “like” on your post so that their friends see your post – and maybe these friends will become fans, too!


Tweet About a Viral Blog Post

Have you posted a controversial, humorous, novel, or otherwise engaging post that people are likely to enjoy? Then be sure to go to Twitter.com and tweet about it. And better yet.


Ask People to Repost/retweet Your Content

Sometimes people will spontaneously share your viral content. However, they are more likely to do so if you specifically ask them to. This is as simple as adding the request, “please RT” (RT stands for retweet) on Twitter.


Start a Contest. Better Yet, Be Sure Your Contest is Naturally Viral

For example, let your Facebook Fans submit photos for a photo contest. The winner is determined by the biggest number of “likes” on a photo. Naturally, contest entrants will get all their friends to join your Fan Page to vote, which means you’ll quickly and easily grow the number of fans.


Post a Viral Video on YouTube

No, you can’t just post a promotional message and expect it to go viral because no one is interested in passing along your advertisements. Instead, come up with something funny, cute, or unusual. For example, if you sell dog training supplies, then post a dog’s video doing a cute or unusual trick.



The above tricks are doable. Many websites are implementing the same strategies and enjoying a high traffic influx on their website.

However, these tips only work if you have a fully functional website. If you don’t have one, work towards optimising your website first. You can also look on Google with website design auckland and leverage expert help to create and optimise your website for search engines.

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