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In today’s hyper-connected era, it’s no surprise that our screen time on mobile devices and computers has skyrocketed. It’s a trend that’s hard to sidestep given the breadth of technology at our fingertips. Much of this extensive use is tied to our professional lives. And since technology is an integral aspect of our work environment, it stands to reason to harness its capabilities to our benefit.

Mobile applications, or apps for short, have taken center stage in the digital world. Their popularity stems from a variety of reasons – they offer entertainment, convenience, and can serve as valuable tools. Here’s a round-up of essential apps that are particularly beneficial for those in the workforce.


Top Apps for Professional


1. Bloom

Bloom is an app that has revolutionized my mornings, giving me a tranquil and optimistic start to the day. Amid my array of time-management and productivity applications, Bloom stands out by offering a brief, yet precious, interval for self-reflection each day. This treasured part of my daily routine affords me the opportunity to connect with my inner thoughts and intuition.


2. Fax from iPhone

What will you do if you need to send a fax from your iPhone? Still not everyone knows how to send a fax from a smartphone and it’s time to fix this. With the best fax apps for iPhone, you can do everything from scanning to sending a document over a secure network. This is one of the most valuable apps for work as it allows you to securely share documents for work or personal purposes.


3. DocuSign

In the era of digital documentation, DocuSign has emerged as a prevalent tool for conveniently managing and signing contracts, transforming the traditional signing process into an effortless part of daily life. With its intuitive mobile application, signing documents is as simple as sliding your finger across your smartphone’s screen—no pen needed. DocuSign is not just for professional use; it’s equally useful for personal matters such as approving permission slips or sealing the deal on your new apartment lease. Best of all, the basic app for signing is offered at no cost. If you’re looking to send documents and gather signatures, consider choosing one of their affordable subscription plans.


4. Venmo

Settling up with friends or anyone, really, can get tricky. Rarely do we carry the exact amount to make things even, and it’s becoming more common to forgo cash altogether.

Enter Venmo, the lifesaver. With this digital wallet, you can link your bank account and send payments to anyone else using the app. Its growing popularity among students makes it a swift solution to reimburse a classmate, ensuring everyone stays on good terms without the fuss.

Need to chip in for pizza during late-night study sessions? Venmo’s got your back. With just a few taps, you can keep the focus on academics (and fun) instead of IOUs.


5. Wrike

In need of a project management solution that delivers instant organization and progress tracking? Look no further than Wrike. Ideal for streamlining collaborative efforts, Wrike empowers your team to monitor everything from individual responsibilities to collective milestones. Its insightful dashboard provides leaders with a transparent view of task contributions to company objectives. Catering specifically to distinct sectors such as marketing and business services, Wrike offers tailored accounts for industry-specific demands.


6. RescueTime

RescueTime functions akin to a dietary tracker, but for your productivity; it casts a spotlight on your real-world habits, empowering you with the knowledge you need for habit modification. Like a silent sentinel, this application operates in the background of your computer, meticulously logging the duration spent across various websites and applications. Subsequently, you’re provided with insightful reports delineating your productive epochs from your periods of distraction. Tailor RescueTime’s settings to align with your personal productivity standards.


7. Chanty

Transform your team’s collaboration and skyrocket productivity with Chanty – your ultimate teamwork hub. Say goodbye to limits with endless messaging that’s a breeze to search through, crystal-clear audio and video calls complete with screen sharing for that in-person vibe, wherever you are.

Get ready to knock out those projects effortlessly! Our intuitive Kanban-style task management lets you turn chatter into action by creating tasks straight from messages. You can distribute the workload by assigning tasks to your squad and chase those deadlines down like a boss. And guess what? Chanty plays well with others, seamlessly integrating with a multitude of apps you already love – think Trello, Asana, Zapier, and all your cloud storage favorites, plus GitHub for the devs, Mailchimp for the marketeers, and even Giphy for when words just won’t do. Get your team on Chanty and watch the magic happen.



The abundance of accessible learning opportunities at your fingertips means that lack of time is no longer a barrier. There’s truly nothing stopping you from pausing after reading this article to begin plotting the course of your career growth immediately.

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