Are GIFs and Videos Valuable to Your Website?

Winning the fight against website users’ attention span is challenging. According to studies, the attention span of the majority of internet users is somewhere around eight seconds. Of course, that’s not much considering you have a lot of valuable content that you want your target audience to discover. The good news is that you can convey so much more by integrating GIFs and videos to your site.

On the question, are GIFs and videos valuable to your website, the answer is a resounding yes. Highly visual and interactive content will make your online platform more memorable and appealing, as most people prefer visuals over text. In addition, dynamic visuals foster increased and consistent engagement. Interactive elements such as GIFs and videos can increase your online engagement significantly. So, how do these visual elements contribute to the success of your website and company’s online marketing strategy? Here are excellent ways to effectively implement GIF and video use on your site.


They make your websites attractive

Dynamic websites that implement visual elements are attractive and functional. GIFs and videos draw in more readers and help in boosting the appeal of your content. Even individuals with sensory impairments appreciate GIFs and videos with accessibility overlays. Technological innovations have made it possible for developers to infuse accessibility on websites. A more interactive experience for everyone will encourage continuous engagement from existing consumers and attract new ones. As a result, more developers are ditching the concept of making a website plain and dull to make way for accessibility.


GIFs and videos help present interactive mock-ups

If you are presenting mock-ups for a new website, you can portray the interactivity of your online platform with the application of GIFs and videos. By implementing these visual elements on mock-ups, you can showcase how a website will function once complete and how users can optimize its functionality. Using animated GIFs and videos is guaranteed to be highly effective in educating users about the website’s capabilities and features.


Share memorable information

Did you know that website users retain up to 9% of a message when they receive it from a video or GIF content? If you share complex and crucial information with your viewers, visual content will help relay your message more effectively.


Informative content is crucial to bolstering your online visibility

Videos are ideal for showcasing how things work. Businesses typically create instructional videos to inform their intended audience on the products and services they offer, how they work, and the benefits they bring to the table. These things can be achieved more accurately and more effectively through video instead of text. Additionally, short video productions are easier to synthesize than online PDF content that may take longer to read.

Engagement is crucial when your website is designed for marketing and promoting your products and services. It refers to your target audience responding in measurable ways to your site content with shares, likes, comments, and time spent on your web pages. Videos and GIFs help drive user engagement in the long run, and website users are ten times more likely to engage, share, and comment on your site when you have dynamic GIFs and informative videos than purely text content.

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