Best Practices For Creating A Catching Landing Page

A landing page is a site any person is taken to once they click on any link. In digital marketing, a landing page is mostly created for advertising goods and services. The purpose of creating a landing page is to elicit some response from the visitor. The method of getting the visitor to act is known as a Call To Action (CTA). If you intend to have a high conversion rate, you have to first begin by creating an effective landing page. A catching landing page will not only increase your conversion rate but will also help you generate leads as well as engage with your customers. 

Below, you will find some tips on creating a catching landing page.


1. Pay attention to your Headline, Call to Action and Descriptions

One crucial feature you should pay attention to when creating a catching landing page is an appealing headline. The headline is the first thing the potential customer sees when they get to the landing page. It should draw them in immediately and hold their interest. The headline should complement what your advert says. The phrase or sentence should encapsulate what the entire page is about, and tell the customer what you are offering. When the advert and the headline conflict, you will confuse the visitor.

Also, keep your descriptions short and straight to the point. Do not use flowery language or try to sound highfalutin. Do not use long sentences. A series of sharp, witty sentences is ideal for driving home your point. 

Your Call to Action (CTA) should also stand out. It should be visible and stand apart from the rest of the page. On reading it, the customer should know what the next step is and what is expected of them. Make sure the Call To Action offers something immediate to the customer and not some future benefits.

Finally, you can add credentials. This will be particularly useful if the visitor is new to your brand. It will be a good idea to show that you’ve won some awards or gotten any recognition. You can also attach links to social media platforms that you have a presence on. The idea is to get the visitor to like your brand.  


2. Keep it Simple

The overall aim of your landing page should be to increase the conversion rate. Thus, every feature included there should work towards making that possible. One way to achieve this is by keeping the landing page as simple and minimalistic as possible. 

Try to make the navigation of your landing page easy and hitch-free. Avoid popups and make sure that only the essential information required by the customer is included. A useful trick is to put the most important information directly in front of the visitor’s line of sight. You can add more details below it. 

You can also try to adopt a video landing page. Here, you can put the necessary information using texts, then explain it with the video. The texts should cover the main points of your offer, while the video should be optional. The entire layout of your landing page should be simple. Always look for the simplest means to convey your offer and remove any unnecessary information.

You can make use of colors and images. However, they have to be necessary and should be eye-catching. In creating a catching landing page, the images used should enhance and not detract from the information put out.


3. Make your Landing Page mobile-friendly

More than 30% of all internet activity is done using a mobile device. Thus, when you do not make your landing page mobile-friendly, you will be ignoring this vast demography. Your landing page should be easily navigable with a mobile device. There should be no glitches, and downloads should be at the same speed as using a computer. It may take a little extra cost and attention to achieve this, but the results will be more than worth it.


4. Keep your forms short

If you must gather information using forms, then keep them short. Collecting data from visitors to your site may be inevitable. Information gathered from visitors can help you with your online marketing in the future. However, the purpose will be defeated if the visitor is discouraged from filling the forms because of how long they are. In this scenario, less is more. Make sure that the fields they have to fill are the essential ones because the more fields you have, the less likely it is that the visitor will fill them all. Before you set up any form, decide on what information you really need from the visitors. In a vast majority of cases, you may not need beyond the names, addresses, and email addresses of the visitors. Stick to those, and consider what information a visitor may be willing to even give out in the first place.


5. Deliver Value to a Target Audience

One tip to creating a catching landing page is to have a specific audience in mind. When designing the landing page, put yourself in the place of the visitor. Will the visitor immediately understand what you are offering once they come on to your site? Have a target audience in mind and provide value to this specific audience.


6. Test

As a rule of thumb, always test your landing pages before they go live. Use all the parameters that have been discussed here concerning creating a catching landing page to find out if your landing page comes out on top or not. Check the landing page across several devices to see how fast it runs. If you intend for it to have a multinational reach, then work with translators too. Check out how the landing page fares when the instructions are translated into another language. Will it still be comprehensible, and carry the same weight of urgency? Subtle differences in language and perception could mean that you have to tweak a few things before you get it right. Always test before going live. 

As stated several times, the goal is to improve your conversion rates and turn visitors into paying customers. The first step in this process is creating a catching landing page. All the best as you begin that journey!

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