Big Data: How Does Popular Technology Help Businesses?

Only the lazy are not talking about Big Data today, but does he understand the essence of this technology? Very unlikely. Let’s explain what it is all about and how Big Data helps different industries thrive.


What kind of beast is this Big Data?

In short and in very simple words, Big Data is a huge amount of information that, when properly processed, can reveal hidden patterns and improve efficiency. This tech is not about hype, but rather reducing costs and streamlining workflows. This is why more and more corporations go to solutions directly related to Big Data.

The information that a company receives after “running” the data through an analysis algorithm is valuable as a Big Data product.

When we talk about this tech, we mean not an array of statistics but a method of its processing. Traditional technologies can also analyze large amounts of information, but the more data there is, the slower they can handle it. At the same cost, the efficiency of traditional algorithms is several times lower.


What industries is Big Data improving today?

  • Logistics

Transportation is an area, the success of which depends on a huge number of factors. If you analyze them in time, you can plan routes as efficiently as possible, while avoiding standing in traffic jams, downtime of the transport, and also saving fuel.

  • Recruiting

The recruiter often has to understand in the early stages which candidate is least interested in the job. This can be achieved based on scripts generated by Big Data analysis.

This technology also helps to optimize HR strategy by analyzing employees’ behavior: algorithms track their performance, overwork, or even signs of burnout. This is how Big Data warns that some of the team members will soon want to quit. Thus, managers will be able to react in time and stop the employee or give him time for a break.

  • Medicine

Big Data tech is a great helper in maintaining a unified patient database. The medical history of many of us is often kept in different medical organizations. In order for the doctor to control the situation inside and out, it is necessary to collect data in a single database. This is where Big Data solutions help.

Moreover, based on a large amount of information about patients, it is possible to make assumptions about what they can potentially get sick in the near future.

  • Marketing

Big Data helps to predict demand and allows understanding whether the product will be successful before launching (even Netflix uses such technologies to recommend new TV series to users, as well as to shoot potentially successful TV series).

Big Data-based solutions also help to better customize target audiences and show targeted ads more precisely.

  • Finance

When issuing loans, banks have an obligation – to issue them only to those who will definitely be able to return the money. Big Data analysis helps to assess and avoid risks, knowing which of the customers is solvent and which is not. Banks are also using Big Data to provide customers with personalized offers and better customer service.

  • Manufacture

Big Data is often used to monitor the condition of equipment, simulate production processes, identify and prevent failures and accidents.

Moreover, this tech helps to understand under what conditions rejected items occur most often; what stages of production are the most time-consuming; how the work can be optimized at some stages.

All this helps to reduce costs and, therefore, increase profits.


Final words

The advantages of the described technology are obvious. Now almost all large companies use Big Data: they collect it, analyze it, and apply it in conjunction with other technologies. But according to experts, the segment of small enterprises will also grow until 2027, over time, Big Data will no longer be the prerogative of large companies. That is why, if you are a business owner, think about implementing solutions based on this tech right now. Ask professionals at for help so as not to miss the opportunity to optimize processes within the company, and therefore not to lose profit.

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