Does Communications Platform as a Service Improve Customer Engagement?

Chatbots are a fairly common feature on most e-commerce and other websites. Whether a customer is casually browsing through the products or needs assistance with a specific issue, a chatbot is a convenient as well as a cost-effective solution for ensuring positive customer experiences.

Along with chatbots, e-commerce websites also tend to have more traditional channels of support, such as email and phone. While having all these platforms to assist and engage with customers adds to building strong customer relationships, managing these separately can be a bit of a hassle. That’s why more businesses are incorporating the Communications Platform as a Service rather than administering individual communication platforms.


Here are some ways CPaaS can particularly help organizations effectively and efficiently meet customer expectations.

Enables Omnichannel Communication

With so many communication channels. Companies must be able to reach out to customers through every platform. Some customers prefer voice calls, while others may feel more comfortable seeking assistance via chatbots or email. For instance, baby boomers usually want to speak to a customer service agent. On the other hand, millennials and gen Z would rather use the chat feature.

CPaaS enables companies to have omnichannel communications, Instead of making a customer leave the website or app to get assistance, a CPaaS solution makes it possible to integrate various communication channels on the website or app itself. This implies a company can create a smoother and trouble-free shopping experience for users.


Establishing Context for Better Customer Service

Offering separate channels of communication with no integration among them can lead to a frustrating customer experience. For instance, a customer shared their issue with a product team in detail over email. After that, they were connected with customer support over the phone and were asked to explain the problem again. This disconnect between two different channels can lead to an unfavorable impression on the customer.

Besides providing omnichannel communications, CPaaS allows companies to establish context by sharing information across different channels of communications. So when a customer switches channels, the new channel will have access to past communications as well as other necessary information to provide a great customer experience.


Easy Development Requirements

The extensive benefits of CPaaS raise one important question — is it difficult and expensive to develop such solutions? Thankfully, no. Though organizations can choose to build a tailored solution from scratch, several vendors are offering cloud-based CPaaS solutions, which is an economical option. There is no need to hire a team of highly skilled developers.

There are several popular CPaaS providers with the cheapest plans starting at $19.99 per line per month. The most popular ones are Vonage, Ooma, RingBlaze and RingCentral. If you’re looking for premium features at better prices, there are alternatives to Vonage offering cost-effective packages.



Personalized communication is crucial to make a customer feel seen and heard. CPaaS takes care of authentication and ensures you’re reaching out to the right customer.


Reduce Strain On Customer Service Executives

CPaaS solutions also offer customers self-service options. They can choose their path to resolution rather than calling customer care executives for easy-to-resolve issues or simple inquiries. On top of creating a convenient and satisfactory user experience, this also reduces strain on customer support executives.

In addition to boosting customer engagement, CPaaS also offers a range of other benefits.


Easy Integration

CPaaS enables e-commerce organizations to make the most of the latest communication technologies by integrating them into their existing applications. As back-end infrastructure doesn’t need to be altered, it makes integrating new features easy, time-saving, and cost-effective.



CPaaS solutions are highly scalable and easy to implement. Any customized feature your organization needs can be added by developers. So whether your organization is growing or changing, CPaaS solutions can effectively keep up.



Since CPaaS is cloud-based, companies save expenses such as infrastructural costs. The low upfront cost and the growing potential of CPaaS has made it a highly lucrative advancement even for small companies. Moreover, many CPaaS providers offer pay-as-you-go packages, so that allows you to pay for only what you use.


Driving Sales

In addition to improving customer experience, CPaaS also plays a role in driving sales for an organization. Particularly, the retail industry is making the most of CPaaS solutions. For example, with a CPaaS solution, you can alert customers about a flash sale or remind them to schedule an appointment via SMS. Furthermore, CPaaS makes it possible to give customers personalized recommendations and offers based on information provided by customer databases. This allows brands to connect with customers and create brand loyalty.


Final Words

Considering these benefits, it’s no surprise that the use of CPaaS is continually and rapidly growing. Finance, education, healthcare, insurance, real estate are just a few industries that have adopted CPaaS for seamless communication. CPaaS can be the key for your business for not only attracting new customers but also for retaining existing ones.

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