How To Craft A Genuinely Helpful FAQ Page On Your Website?

Having an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page featured on your website can be transformative, both for your customer experience and your long-term SEO rankings. That said, there’s a difference between plastering a few questions and answers onto a page for the sake of it, and providing genuine, concise, and well-presented information.

Read on and we’ll show you how to craft a genuinely awesome FAQ for your website.


1.    Make every question count

Do your research and look for questions that your customers are genuinely frequently asking. Don’t add questions for the sake of fleshing out the content if it doesn’t really add any value to the FAQ.

Write with intention.


2.    Create an intuitive on-page experience

The best FAQs have an interactive overview at the top of each page allowing website visitors to quickly click and navigate their way to the information they need.

It’s not just about providing the right information, but presenting it in such a way that helps your users save time. If you’re using WordPress, you can easily set that up using an FAQ plugin.


3.    Categorise your information

Before publishing an FAQ, take the time to organise it accordingly; this means putting each FAQ into a specific category, thus making it easier for users to find the subject matter that they are after. And of course, over time, as you add more questions and answers to your FAQ, edit and re-organize as necessary.


4.    Provide definitive answers

Don’t add yet even more speculation; if you are going to attempt to answer an FAQ, do so thoroughly and with concision.


5.    Cut the fat

Answer each question in as little or as much information as is absolutely necessary. Forget recommended ‘word count’ and get straight to the point.


6.    Include relevant internal linking

The ultimate goal is to have a blog post and/or service page that is relevant to every single FAQ on your website. As such, when people are exploring your FAQ and find an answer to the question they have, they should also find a quick and easy link to the next logical stage in the sales/brand discovery funnel.

Quality internal linking is a critical ranking factor for SEO as it’s all about providing superior on-page value for your prospective customers.


7.    Keep the information up to date

A great deal of FAQs will be considered “evergreen” content, however, certain information will need to be updated regularly in order to maintain its relevance.

Carry out regular checks and maintain your FAQ page accordingly.


8.    Make it easy to find

Your users shouldn’t be more than a few clicks away from an FAQ. The easier it is for your website visitors to find the information they need, the less likely they will be to pick up the phone and waste your employees’ time with questions that can easily be answered with a quick block of text.


9.    Let customers contact you for further information

In an ideal world, you’ll provide such a clear and concise FAQ that your website visitors will very rarely need to contact you for further information. However, make sure that it is easy enough for people to reach out should they need further info – and indeed that they get through to the relevant department.

Invest in your customers and the overall buyer experience for the best results.


10.    Use visual aids and video content

This is arguably one of the most under-utilised features. Very rarely will you see an FAQ with detailed “how-to” videos or infographics. This is because most people fail to recognise the immense value that it can bring to your business.

A comprehensive FAQ will:

  • Provide greater value to your audience.
  • Build trust for your visitors.
  • Establish you as an authority.
  • Improve your SEO rankings.
  • Reduce strain on your customer service department.
  • Improve conversion rates.
  • And so much more!


If you commit to the above x 10 tips, your FAQ page will stand out from the competition, attract even more traffic to your website, establish you as a genuine authority in your industry, and ultimately help up those conversion rates.

Of course, if you don’t have the time or the desire to dedicate so much time and resources to your FAQ, we highly recommend that you consider outsourcing your needs to a reputable agency that specialises in SEO in Sydney.

Research the best agencies, shop around on reputation and results, and let them take your online business to even greater heights.

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