How To Create Intro Videos Using These 5 Amazing Online Tools

Intro videos are short clips that give an instant snapshot into the content of the video. When leveraged well, these help to establish the brand’s identity. Typically, animated graphics, a catchy soundtrack, the logo of the product or company are intro contents. While an intro is usually less than 20 second, its purpose is to grab the audience’s attention. An intro should be poignant so that the audience retains it in their memory for days.

Traditionally, intros were textual, animations, and graphic content. In recent days video intros have gained immense popularity among YouTubers and other social media users. If you are looking to make a mark in the crowded world of social media, having a polished intro is an utmost necessity. Such a beginning to your video will make the viewers relate to your content and motivate them to watch further.

The potential of intros is so diverse that most content creators are interested in adding these to the videos.  As a result, there are multiple tools available for creating intros, and it is challenging to identify the best fit. To aid you in your search, we have listed the top 5 intro-making tools of 2021.



If you are looking for an intuitive intro-making tool that lets you create an intro in a few minutes, then InVideo is the best option. Here, there are multiple intro templates for you to choose from. After you make your pick, you can alter the background, add textual content, change the font color, size and style. That way, you have complete control over the personalization.

After you edit the intro, you can preview, render, export, and save it. InVideo is an online tool that gives you one of the fastest renderings. The tool also lets you import your edited video directly to platforms such as YouTube without having to download it to your device. If you want to remove the watermark that comes in the free version, you can upgrade by opting for plans that start at $20 per month.


Filmora 9

FIilmora 9 is the perfect intro-making tool for those who want to leverage filters, transitions, and overlays to create movie-like intros. The array of editing features offered by Filmora9 is superior to that of most other intro-making tools. Here, the interface is extremely intuitive, and you can drag-and-drop images and video clips as well as special effects into the editing timeline.

Filmora 9 has green screen compositing features and lets you create crisp videos in 4K quality. The audio features of the Filmora intro-making tool involve the audio equalizer and the background noise removal. Thus, if you want to remove the audio from your clip and add a stock music file, then Filmora 9 is a perfect choice. The tool has some of the most advanced filters for post-production editing.

The only drawback of Filmora 9 is its slow rendering. Also, you need to be patient with the edited video export as the process can be slow-going. Filmora 9 is a versatile tool that allows a free version, a lifetime premium plan, and an annual subscription plan. The videos created with the free version come with a watermark. The lifetime plan comes at $59.99, while the annual subscription is priced at $44.99.


Adobe Spark

Abobe is a pioneer in photo editing and has produced powerful tools like Photoshop. Adobe Spark is designed for social media content creators who cannot spend hours editing a clip. You can splice together video elements and drop your clips in the editing timeline. Post that, it becomes easy for you to add a cinematic soundtrack, choose a file from the music library, or add your voiceover.

Adobe Spark is a popular tool, and its full version comes with any Adobe Creative Cloud plan. If you use the free version of Adobe Spark, you cannot add your logo or access the premium templates. We recommend that you go for the subscription of Adobe Spark by paying £10.10 per month.



Animaker is one of the most popular intro-making tools and has more than 3 million users. Over a thousand brands use this tool to create intros to their promotional videos. Animaker is targeted at beginners and comes with an easy-to-use interface that lets you alter the background settling, color correct the clips and do a lot more. Its professional-level transition effects allow you to perfect your intros that have multiple shots.

With the Animaker, you can edit the background tracks, add special sound effects, and import your recordings. Animaker uses Flash, and your device needs to be equipped with the latest hardware for the best intro editing results. Outdated hardware may cause a lag in your editing experience.

The free version of Animaker lets you create videos in SD quality. However, the length of such videos is restricted to 2 minutes, and you do not have access to the custom fonts. To do away with these, you need to go for the paid monthly subscriptions starting at $12.



For content creators who want to create animated intros, Wideo is the best choice. It allows you to save your favorite logo animations or other scenes and use them in your later videos. This is especially useful for YouTube videos and frequent content creators. The tool has more than a hundred templates, and you can customize them to your taste. Wideo has a neat interface and lets you organize your editing work. The final video may be downloaded as MP4 or HD quality.

The annual subscription of Wideo allows you to download 10 videos a month and is priced at $19 per month. If you are unsure of the plan, you can try out the free 7-day trial period. The only shortcoming of this tool is that it is a web-based tool that requires you to be online throughout the editing journey.

Creating an intro is an essential part of your video-making as that helps the viewer decide whether to watch further. When you invest in your intro creation, it results in lesser drop-off and gives you better ROI on your video creation efforts.

Understand that there is no one all-encompassing template to intro-making. The type of intro that will work for you will depend on the video content, your brand image, the preference of your target audience, and a host of other factors. With the tools discussed above, you can create any type of intro. As you work your way through the tools to identify the one that is the most suitable for you, here’s wishing you the best of luck in your intro-making journey.

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