How To Make Employee Training Assessments More Effective

For the workforce of every business, their growth and skill enhancement is one of the most key aspects that helps them sustain the organization. This is what makes training programs and initiatives a significant part of management.

However, there are several challenges that come with training employees. Reduced retention and lack of attention are perhaps the top difficulties that employees and managers face. This is what makes assessing the training important. Employee training assessment allows your employees to take the responsibility of their professional learning and enables managers to offer the right course of action to the learners as per their performance.

With the traditional methods, assessment of training can be a hassle. From setting up the rigid schedules of training and assessment to checking with the employees for their availability, managers were often required to put in additional effort.

Now, because of an extensive variety of digital training tools that are available, executing, tracking, and assessing employee training programs has become a cakewalk. There are plenty of innovative ways that can help you make your training assessment much more effective.


Innovative ways to make your employee training assessments more effective

  • Repeated assessment

One of the best ways to make the training assessment of your employees more effective is by repeating the testing process multiple times. This is because the retention power of learners reduces with each passing day. According to the study conducted by Jeffrey D. Karpicke of Purdue University and Henry Roediger of Washington University, students that went through repeated testing during the learning had improved retention, as compared to repeated studying. However, repeated assessment can be a nightmare for the administration. With an LMS, you can automate this procedure and put minimal effort. An LMS might seem expensive to many, however, there are varied pricing models that you can explore and choose your LMS accordingly. For instance, iSpring Learn pricing is subscription-based and is one of the most convenient forms of payment.

  • Create assessments according to the roles of your employees

It is of utmost importance that your assessment aligns with the role that the employee has in the organization. The major objective of any training program is to further enhance the skills of an employee that they can utilize when the need arises and thus, work towards their personal and professional growth. Moreover, every employee has their own needs and expectations, hence it is best to create a separate series of assessments for different departments. Make sure you have a list of assessments created well in advance. This will help you get valuable feedback about your online training strategy, the issues that your employees are facing, and more. 

  • Keep it specific

No one likes it when they realize their training assessment is not in line with the goals and objectives that they intend to achieve as it will hinder their growth. To ensure that your assessment is effective, ensure that the questions that you provide are well-worded, specific, and concise. This will allow you to avoid any scope of misunderstandings and miscommunication. Also, it is best to keep your questions short and to-the-point as longer questions can often frustrate and confuse the employees.

  • Offer a variety of assessments

Another way to make your training assessment is by eliminating monotony from your programs. You can do this by offering your employees different forms and varieties of assessments each time. This learner-centered approach will help you accommodate varied learning needs of your employees and enhance the experience for them. You can choose an authoring tool and create different assessments for your employees in the form of quizzes, true/false questions, multiple choice questions, multimedia elements such as video, audio, etc.



Hence, there are plenty of ways with which you can make your employee training assessment more effective. To increase the retention of your employees, make sure you are repeatedly assessing your employees. Also, avoid making your testing monotonous by keeping it short and offering a variety of assessments.

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