How to Secure your Online Casino

A successful online casino is one designed with a good user interface, is visually appealing, and is optimised for greater conversions. However, that is only the surface, what is most important to make the site a hit with customers is that it is secure, safe from the tens of thousand cybercrimes which take place daily that see players scammed, whether through cancelled or confiscated winnings, hidden terms or being slow to pay.

Not all online casinos are trouble, with many legally registered and trustworthy. You can search for new casinos online to find one that can be trusted with your money and which you know will pay out winnings without issue. To be part of this list, it is necessary to secure your online casino with different safeguards to ensure a fair and secure experience for players.


Data encryption

Use 128 or 256-bit encryption to turn personal and financial data is encrypted, with details broken down into strings of unbreakable code. This is protection used by all banks and financial institutions online. The protection is made clear by the website name being preceded by “https” (rather than just http) which ensures that the site has an SSL certificate, confirming encryption.


Random number generators

A random number generator should be used, showing punters that games are fair and secure from hackers. Each spin is independent from the last game and does not consider wins or losses from previous games, it simply generates a sequence that does not have any pattern. There are two types to consider: Software random generators (PRNG) use mathematical algorithms to generate random numbers starting with a “seed” value derived from some repetitive operation in the computer, such as keystrokes or mouse movements. A PRNG is only hackable if it is known what algorithm and seed is being used. Hardware random generators (TRNG) do not require seeds because they are not computed values and have no algorithm and it is for this reason that hardware RNGs are known as Truly Random Number Generators, or TRNGs.

Third-party companies exist to test casino RNGs and software for fairness, which provide badges that can be placed on websites, with the latest information about the company also available on their website, including whether the casino has passed and confirming the casino’s payout percentage.


Privacy Policies

Privacy policies explain how the casino plans to use the information provided by its customers. Some can will want to sell personal details such as name, email and contact number to other companies and by having a privacy policy stating that you will not sell personal information, but will instead keep the information secure, you can protect punters from less reputable companies. The company’s privacy policy should be available at the footer of the casino’s website.


Gaming licenses

Licenses have to be obtained from a gaming authority or commission, which confirms the legality of a casino before it issues the license.  The authorities or commissions also carry out regular checks to ensure the terms of the license are still being adhered to. This includes looking at player complaints, software security, random number generators and more.

There are a number of online gaming authorities, commissions and licensors around the world, with some more lax than others. Players will be wary of those commissions with a reputation for being lax. Nearly all online casinos will post details of their license, and who issued it, at the bottom of their website. Some gaming authorities also make available the list of those they have issued a license to and those who have been suspended or withdrawn.


Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions state how the casino is operated and what rules need to be followed. This includes rules, welcome bonuses, cash out policies, and more. Do not alter terms to benefit the casino when dealing with a dispute because, even if you win the case, it can harm the reputation of your business as the cancellation of wins or of an account to avoid paying out often hits the headlines. The terms and conditions should be placed at the footer of the casino’s website landing page.

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