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4 Ways To Make Your Small Business Website Attractive To Customers

A website is arguably one of the most important assets of any business. The rate of internet usage has increased to such a degree that today, the number of users stands at over four billion, which means more than 50% of the world’s population has access to the web in one form or another. (1) […]

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Successful Video Game Websites

When you take the time to consider the different hobbies that people all over the world enjoy engaging in, there are a few that immediately come to mind. Classics such as reading and writing are always going to be there, as well as watching TV and movies; however, gaming has been climbing the ranks in […]

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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Building A Multilingual Website

According to some language sites, one in five people worldwide may speak English, but having an English-only website in a globalized economy is a grave mistake. Multiple studies have shown that buyers favor buying from websites that either let them choose their language or are written in their preferred tongue. The potential gain from this […]

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6 Benefits your Business Can Gain with Good UX Research

User experience is becoming even more important due to the digital world evolving so quickly. Conducting UX research has many benefits, and most of them can be translated into user benefits, benefiting the marketing department and the company itself. Let’s not forget that first impressions are even more important for website design and the ideal […]

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Why Invest In Sales Enablement Tools

Sales enablement refers to the process by which sales teams gather all the resources, data, tools and information they need to be able to positively nurture prospective clients throughout their entire buyer’s journey. The whole premise is to effectively create relationships in a way that their competitors can’t. Sales enablement tools focus on functions and […]

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5 Tips for Building a Multilingual Website

Multilingual websites are becoming more present in an increasingly connected society. However, building them is a bit more complicated than you might expect. To build a multilingual website more easily, below you will find various tips that have worked for other such sites before. Take a look.   Make sure your content is unique Without […]

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The Biggest Web & Tech Trends In 2022

Wondering what the biggest web and tech trends are right now? It can be hard to keep up when there are constant developments being made in these areas. In addition to this, the pandemic and governments have turned the business world upside down in recent times, and this situation has led to a number of […]

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Starting Your Own Web Design Agency – Tips To Help You Get Started and Thrive

If you have ever wanted to be your own boss or own a successful business, you should consider starting a web design agency. Becoming a freelance web designer who owns a web design agency is very enticing, but it can be difficult to succeed in a very competitive market. There will also be a lot […]

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Are GIFs and Videos Valuable to Your Website?

Winning the fight against website users’ attention span is challenging. According to studies, the attention span of the majority of internet users is somewhere around eight seconds. Of course, that’s not much considering you have a lot of valuable content that you want your target audience to discover. The good news is that you can […]

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4 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing For Financial Services

Today, most people require a lot of cash for different reasons. Some need money to boost their businesses, while others want to finance their education and personal needs. For that reason, most of these people consider applying for loans to help finance their dreams. Due to the large number of people applying for loans, most […]

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