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4 Forecasts For The Future Of The eCommerce Sector

Prior to 2020, the eCommerce industry was on a steady incline globally, and even dominating marketplaces in developed economies. The spread of the pandemic however created unprecedented growth globally, with even non-online companies scrambling to pivot their operations to cater to an online, home-bound customer. Statistics show that US eCommerce sales grew to a monumental […]

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The Most Important Design Elements Of An Ecommerce Website

Introduction The last few years have seen Ecommerce websites taking the world by storm. With global sales from Ecommerce hitting nearly 5 Trillion Dollars, the industry is set to redefine the way consumers shop from brands. The pandemic has also given a shot-in-the-arm to Ecommerce businesses worldwide. With physical shops and retailers closing down because […]

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How To Keep Your WooCommerce Customers Satisfied

Business owners who use WooCommerce for their eCommerce store know that the two most important things to take care of are improved sales and new customers. However, most would agree that taking good care of your customers comes as a prerequisite for more sales. Without customers, there are no sales. Some would even go so […]

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10 Simple Steps to Build Trust for eCommerce Websites

To make your product sell it is important to gain your customer’s trust. To get success in any type of business, it is important to ensure your customer’s belief in you. When it comes to attracting new customers to your business, trust is the most important factor as it plays a key role. It is […]

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Top WooCommerce Plugins to Enhance your Sales

Powering over two billion websites, WooCommerce is a leader in the ecommerce industry. Its scalability and customization make it an assuring option for online stores, but what makes it extra powerful is the platform’s plugin integration capabilities. This integration adds more essential features to your online store, helping you scale up and sell more successfully […]

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Why Blogging Is So Important For New Ecommerce Stores

Image credit: Pxfuel   Throughout the world, there’s no shortage of people interested in the ecommerce industry, and it’s easy to understand why. In the challenging circumstances of 2020 (which have caused so many businesses and entire industries to struggle), online retail has excelled. It’s actually become significantly more important with brick-and-mortar stores closed. That […]

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5 Ways Online Retailers Can Improve Customer Experience

If there is one thing we’re forever learning about the online world, it’s that user experience (UX) is everything. People will stick around your site or buy from your online store if you give them a reason to. Those reasons come in many forms and can be a real reflection of the time and effort […]

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How to Upgrade Your E-Commerce Website Features

For any business, whether they are concerned primarily with e-commerce or not, the need to continuously improve, augment and hone their digital presence remains a key priority – no matter how much time they have already devoted to their site. It is, after all, emblematic of the internet as-a-whole that we can never consider ourselves […]

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eCommerce Analytics: A Guide To Driving More Online Sales With Data

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash   Increasing online sales is the principal goal of a myriad of businesses, large and small alike. To boost sales, you will need a solid sales strategy that has the customers in its center – because, without a customer focus, companies can not survive. But to give buyers a […]

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How technology is used to keep casino players safe

The safety of casino players has always been a top priority for those running the casino industry. Whether it’s ensuring that you’re not being cheated on your way in or out of the casino, making sure you’re not going to be robbed or assaulted while inside, or just keeping track of what you’ve spent so […]

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