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6 Ways To Reach a Younger Audience on Social Media

Are you trying to reach a younger audience on social media? Perhaps your brand has a thriving Facebook account, but it’s not bringing in the audience you actually want. Maybe plenty of people in their 40s and 50s are sharing your posts, but they aren’t buying (because they’re not your target audience), and the 20-somethings […]

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Advantages of Having A Research Panel

Research panels are an important aspect of market research. They give us an insight into how a wider marker would receive a product or promotion. Often, these are a good way to gauge how a change may be received without too much financial risk to the entire company. Many companies even have specific stores or […]

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How to promote with Instagram?

Today, social networks have become a major source of customer traffic. Statistically, Instagram is used by one billion people every month. The most diverse audience is concentrated here, which allows any business to identify the core of its target audience and makes the platform universal for any niche. Wide advertising functionality and different formats of […]

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Strategies To Improve Marketing Performance

Looking to improve your business’s marketing performance? Whether you are a new business, an SME, or a large business, if your marketing is not up to standard, then you are limiting your own success. You could have the best products/services on the market, but without high-quality marketing campaigns, you will find it very difficult to […]

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5 Benefits of Cloud Storage For The Digital Marketing Industry

Cloud storage technology is getting more and more popular each day. This is because cloud storage has multiple advantages that makes it a great option for businesses, especially small businesses. Compared to traditional storage methods, cloud storage is cheaper, more convenient, and more scalable. For businesses in the digital marketing industry, cloud storage can be […]

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How to Boost Your Website’s Value

If you are wondering how to boost your website’s value, then you must be thinking about selling it at some point, probably in the not-so-distant future. However, with that said, there really are only two types of websites that would be up for sale and those would be websites that are already published and hosted […]

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Use customer data and analytics to drive more sales online

Intro-  customer data, analytics can give you insights into customer behavior and understand what drives a sale. Ask any brand and they will happily exclaim that maximum sales is their ultimate goal. But you, a brand or an online business, can’t expect to thrive unless you understand whether your website, social media pages, online advertisements […]

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Small Business Digital Marketing: 4 Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic

Do you dream of looking at your site analytics and seeing a big upturn in traffic? It doesn’t have to just be a dream! The average marketing spending of companies is around 7-12% of revenue, which is a sizeable chunk to spend, so it’s clear that there is value in it. But where do you […]

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Grow Your Online Business with Precise Marketing Strategies

Online businesses have a lot of potential. It is because of their main base of operations: the internet. With online access, people all over the world can buy from you. So the possible growth of your business can now be international instead of local. However, the challenge is how to encourage the expansion of your […]

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9 Practical Tips And Strategies For A Successful Social Media Lead Generation

In today’s business world, the best places to market and find leads are shifting away from the traditional channels. As people become more digitally conscious, social media has proven to be a powerful arena where you can attain your biggest growth. Statistics say that over half of the world’s population (58.4%) now uses social media, […]

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