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Ways to Increase Your CTR in WordPress

Your website is a fundamental business asset. Also, that is particularly evident when marketing and lead generation are concerned. Be that as it may, for it to accomplish the hefty work of creating leads for you, it should be advanced for visibility. More than that, your WordPress site should be advanced to drive clicks. Also, […]

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6 Ways On How Google Ads Could Help WordPress Ecommerce

If you want to bring your A-Game to your online shop’s overall digital marketing pursuits, chances are you want to go all-out on the various kinds of campaigns and tools you can use to improve your brand’s exposure to your target market. Thankfully, advertising can go hand-in-hand in ensuring word of your online store gets […]

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The Step-by-step Guide to Starting a Successful Blog

Creating and managing a successful blog has the potential to improve your life. For some, blogging is a way to blow off steam after a stressful day at work, while for others, it’s a fun side hustle. One that allows them to earn extra money on top of their regular day job. Still, for others, […]

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How to Secure and Optimize Your WordPress Site with Cloudflare

Cloudflare is one of the best content delivery networks (CDN) and security services available in the market. The best thing about Cloudflare is that it is free! When you connect your WordPress website with Cloudflare you can boost the site speed with CDN, secure it with SSL and bot protection, and use some other features […]

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How to Create an Educational WordPress Website With Templates

Educational institutions’ functioning and development are no longer possible without using various online learning forms to attract more students. An optimal solution for educational programs and courses is building WordPress sites with professional templates. Such a site will be presented as a virtual visiting card of the establishment and an excellent place for students’ interaction. […]

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5 Simple Ways to Improve the User Experience on Your WordPress Website

Image Source: Pexels   Love it or hate it, web design is integral to every web development project. Even if your code is elegant, you’re not going to convert users into sales if your layout makes them cringe. Fear not; there are plenty of choices you can make that will impress potential customers. In fact, […]

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Grow your Blogging Site with WordPress Maintenance Services

Blogging or writing might seem an easy task to do but honestly, it drenches the energy out of one’s mind and body. Imagine with writing and blogging that you need to take care of your site’s technical maintenance issues as well because who would like to visit a poorly managed website? While blogging, your website […]

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How To Pick A WordPress Plugin That You Won’t Regret Installing On Your Website

While WordPress currently powers websites of giants like The Walt Disney Company and Microsoft News, at the end of the day, it is a content management system that enables users to create a website. There is no denying that WordPress is an excellent tool. However, when it comes to building a website, the features offered […]

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Ways to provide your academic writing service with WordPress Plugins

When talking about the WordPress e-commerce plugin, most people associate it with selling physical or digital commodities. However, it is a perfect platform for selling services online as well. This article is an ultimate guide for you to learn how to use WordPress to sell services online like academic writing.   How can WordPress help […]

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Which database to choose for a new WordPress installation

Getting a fresh WordPress site up and running, or revamping an existing site, is an exciting and daunting prospect in equal measure. One of the most important decisions of the whole process is which database solution to choose as the foundation for your latest creation. If you are a newcomer, you might feel overwhelmed by […]

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