E-commerce Web Design Tips for Promoting Your Business

E-commerce web designing does not only mean creating an attractive or aesthetically pleasing online store. It is far more critical for the potential customers to be able to quickly go from landing page to the checkout page. A good quality and successful web design would focus on guiding the potential customers through that process. Here are some effective strategies for creating a smart and successful e-commerce site.


1. Let Customers Choose Product Options

Customers should be able to filter options at the earliest possible in their shopping process.

When potential customers are looking for something precise on your e-store, they should be given the opportunity to filter their options as that could be a time-saving and pretty effective way of getting what they want by making the minimum effort. This fact is particularly true in the case of sizing for apparels.

Customers would be thoroughly disappointed when after having identified the perfect dress they end up discovering that it is not available in their size.


2. Make Your Search Box a Focus Point

All of you must have noticed that Amazon has a gigantic search bar right on top of its homepage.

Nobody could ever miss seeing that. Many of the web designers do not understand how frequently the search bar present on your website, is being used. Whenever potential customers visit your site searching something specific, they may be perplexed if they cannot spot the item clearly on the landing page. So, their obvious reaction would be to type in the search bar.

Your e-commerce website should place major emphasis on the search bar and it should be made the key focus of any e-store’s website. This would be retaining the visitors for some more time on your site as they would be tempted to see other things. Browse through https://www.lasvegaswebdesignco.com/ for professional assistance and effective web design solutions.


3. Use Top Quality Images

E-commerce involves purchasing solely with your eyes as you do not get an opportunity to touch and feel the item before buying it.

If you incorporate plenty of pictures it is going to attract more attention, hence, there would be a boost in business. Remember to avoid pixilated and blurry images as that would be adversely affecting the quality of your e-commerce site.


4. Let the Shopping Cart Be Visible

You must realize that advanced online purchasers would want the shopping cart to be visible on each and every page they are browsing on your E-commerce site. Therefore, avoid sending them directly to your basket page as soon as they add a product to the cart.

Moreover, the shopping cart must have some additional information and not just the number of items in it. Infuse an interesting element by including thumbnails of the items added to the basket.


5. Make Your E-commerce Site Easily Navigable

Most large e-commerce sites usually have too many categories. Super menus or fly-outs are the best technique for keeping your page relatively uncluttered while trying to create maximum accessibility all through the site.



While designing any e-commerce store, you must keep all the above-discussed factors in mind. If you follow the tips, you could come up with a successful e-commerce web design.

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  1. Nicola Yap on March 13, 2018

    Your tips made me evaluate my likes and dislikes for an e commerce website user. I seriously hate it when adding something to my cart takes me to the cart when I still want to continue shopping!

  2. Web Design Bahrain on December 19, 2017

    Nice article, well explained. each of your tips are really useful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Neha on December 15, 2017

    Give them a guest checkout option that also helps to promote business.


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