How to create a web design Style Guide

Designing and creating websites is very complicated and can’t be done by just one person. Creating a website design requires understanding and knowledge of every part and component. Visual language must be the same to achieve effective results. In this web design style guide, we will discuss how you should create your own website design.


What is a style guide?

A style guide is a group of predesigned graphics, elements, and rules. A style guide helps your brand or website to boost your online presence.


Why is a style guide so important?

Creating a style guide will help you in creating a superb and professionally built website. Style guides are long since used by web designers. This method is crucial in making a successful brand. Companies need to create a professionally looking website for their brands. A good website attracts more visitors and will eventually boost your brand’s popularity. Today creating a style guide is becoming a new practice for web developers and designers.


How to create web design

In this web design guide, we have already discussed what a style guide is. Now, we will take a look at all the necessary steps you will need.

  • Study your Brand

First, you have to familiarize and study the brand and your target audience. The website represents the organization itself. It’s very important to study your brand as it will leave a positive result for your brand in the long run. Your goal here is to review your goal, mission, and vision and incorporate it into your style guide as it will serve as a reference point. It’s crucial that you study every component and part and the effective approach to use.

  • Define Typography

Typography plays a vital role in designing your website. This will affect how your brand is remembered. Typography is important in web design. It involves the structure, font style, and size, which aim to elicit emotions and messages to make it short typography brings the text to life. To make your website attractive to visitors, you have to create a typography hierarchy. Typography consists of, Heading1-H6, There is also the body copy, bold as well as italic variations. Each style will also include font families like Roboto, among others.

You can also take a look at the best web design books, to help you get inspired.

  • Color Palette

Color plays a major role in how your website will look color will define your website; thus, picking the right combination is important. First, you must pick the right primary colors you will use. It’s recommended that you use a maximum of 3 primary colors. In addition, you will also need secondary and tertiary colors. Also, incorporate neutral colors like black, white, and grey to complement the primary colors. Choosing the right combination of colors will affect the outcome of the website.

  • Voice

You might want to consult with copywriters to create guidelines and content for your website. This will make your website unique from others. Incorporating voice on the website can attract more visitors

  • Icons or Iconography

Icons play a major role in website design. Designers are constantly focusing on this area because icons and images can boost your website. A good selection of icons makes your website more interactive. All websites have their own icons. An icon is flexible by nature and widely used in any kind of website. The icon must be parallel to your brand.

  • Imagery

Pictures or images can add uniqueness to your website. There are also factors to be considered before putting random pictures on your web page. You have to put the right images for your brand. It should be the right image that suits your website display. Images help your visitors to connect and feel comfortable on your website. Images are key components of your web page or website. An image should relate directly to the text of the website. Finally, images make the website look good and professional.

  • Forms

Website forms are a part of the website that allows your visitor to get in contact with you and to send information, feedback, and suggestions, query, request, reports, etc. which is then forwarded to your website database. Forms make things easy for your visitor to contact you. Using contact forms helps you in knowing your audience better; thus, it gives you an advantage.

  • Buttons

Buttons can improve the design and look of a website and makes your website more interactive to visitors. Buttons are a fundamental component of a website; it serves as a portal to other content of your website. Make it predictable, and name each button’s function so visitors do not make visitors guess.

  • Spacing

Spacing is one of the important components of your website structure and look. Wrong spacing can make your website look unprofessionally built. Getting the right spacing will give you more breathing room; thus, it is easier to adjust in the future content updates and makes your website more structured and professional.

  • Dos and Don’ts

Make your dos and don’ts straight forward, give also concrete examples and visual illustration of the actual mission vision goals and rules. Don’t make it complicated and make it comparable to your target audience.


This web design style guide will help you in making your web page. These are just some examples that might help you in making a good website. Keep in mind that this web design style guide is just an example. Did you know that every user loses interest if you overdo the design of your website interface?

You might want to keep your user interface design simple, functional, and also attractive. Create also content that will easily be understood by your visitors. Make your design responsive and attractive. Don’t use too many colors, 3 or 5 is enough. Don’t use too many font styles. It may create distractions and may irritate your visitor. Lastly, don’t overdo your web page design. Make it simple and comfortable for your visitor. Your website is your business set up digital representation. Following the right guide will help you attract more audience and make you successful in your career.

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