10 Simple Steps to Build Trust for eCommerce Websites

To make your product sell it is important to gain your customer’s trust.

To get success in any type of business, it is important to ensure your customer’s belief in you. When it comes to attracting new customers to your business, trust is the most important factor as it plays a key role. It is the reliance on the business that will get you repeat buyers too.

One of the most difficult tasks for any business person is to achieve trust online. In this article, we describe a few simple steps that will help you build trust for your eCommerce website.


  1. Invest more in design and user-friendliness

You just have about 15 seconds to attract visitors to land on your website. It is said that usually, a visitor takes nearby 15 seconds to decide whether they want to stay on your website or leave it.

Therefore, it is crucial that you should focus on website design to make it shine. From every aspect, your website should look and feel trustworthy, professional, and functional. You must focus on great content, visuals, active links, loading time, etc.

To impress your visitors, it is important to make your website load faster. Loading times also play a key role in providing output in mobile and desktop versions.

If you fail to make your website page load faster, then there is a high chance of getting your customers to go to your competitor’s website.


  1. Provide great customer service

Ecommerce statistics show that more and more households do online shopping. Addressing their needs through your available channels is a must.

It is important to ensure that you are responding to every email, inquiry, or tweet, but also it is important to ensure that customers are satisfied with the customer support you provide.

Your customer service can be great if you offer return and refund policies. Plus, you can provide informative content to tell your visitors how to purchase any service or products.

Such types of policies will help your customers trust you. If they do not like your services or products, they will request a refund.

If you’re using WordPress, the best way to offer great customer service is to build web forms on your website based on WordPress free themes. Once your customer fills the form and submits it, they would be provided with a confirmation that the admin has received the form details.


  1. Display contact information

You must display, as much as possible, information on your website that tells your customers who you are and what your goals are. By displaying true information, your customers will feel like they are not unknown to you.

Instead of adding stock photos, you should add your real photos and your team members’ information. You can also add a short biography for each.

Additionally, make sure your customers can reach you easily. Add an email address (or build a form), phone number, social media profiles, etc., so that your customers can get connected to you or someone else, if need be.

As per some research, it has been noticed that most of the new visitors will trust your brand if they found that your website contains clear contact information.


  1. Personally respond to every inquiry and email

Most business owners do not like to display their email addresses as they can’t reply to every person. But, replying to every person’s email is important. To make this possible, either you can set up a team and allow them to reply to customers as per their inquiries or add automated responses ensuring that communication sent to you has been received.

However, human touch plays a key factor in this.

Make sure that you are responding to every mail within 24 business hours or sooner. Even more, you will be able to create an unbelievable impression if you are able to respond to your customer’s inquiry within an hour.

Also, do include contact details and name with every email so that they will have references with whom they have communicated the last time.


  1. Integrate social media

As mentioned, blogging is important but social media integration is crucial and should never be neglected. Social media, on your website, will help you boost the company’s profile and will enhance trustworthiness. Most of the WordPress free themes come with social media integration so you could opt for that.


  1. For online transactions, security should be provided

For any eCommerce website, security plays a crucial role. Transactions on any kind of eCommerce websites should be free of risk. You can secure your transactions by integrating some credible payment providers such as Digital River, PayPal, Stripe, and so on.

To add some extra layer of security, you should add an SSL certificate which will help you by encrypting and securing the data of your customers. Most hosting providers include one for free.


  1. Every customer’s privacy should be respected

Make sure that you are not sharing any type of sensitive information of your customers with third-party resources. And do not force your customers when asking them if they would like to receive promotional emails, notifications, and email newsletters as they will be irritated by you and will leave your website.

Instead, you can take advantage of some options, such as whether they would like to receive promotional messages or notifications via email marketing. This will increase your mailing list size, if they are interested, but if not, then you will ensure that you are not disturbing your customers with spam messages.


  1. Be clear about pricing

It has been found that, because of abandoned shopping carts, most businesses have lost many sales. And, do you know one of the reasons behind customers abandoning a shopping cart? It is because of hidden costs.

So, make sure to showcase all pricing information, even going further with adding a visible price breakdown, if possible.


  1. Create the best content

Using WordPress, you can take advantage of its great blogging capabilities and add blog articles on your website, which is based on WordPress free themes, to ensure your customers are getting the correct number of details about your services and products. You can hire help of technical experts to write information, fresh FAQs, and well-written blog posts.


  1. Add testimonials and user reviews

You can add some reviews of your happy clients so that new potential customers trust you and will not think twice about experiencing your services.

It is found that most companies are able to build trust online through reviews and testimonials.



There you have it. The above shows many of the ways you can improve trustworthiness, and how it is imperative to your business’ success. Feel free to leave a message if you have any comments or know of different methods.

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