3 Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Business

Competition to sell online is fiercely competitive. The global stage may offer you more prospects, but getting your product seen and ensuring you are the business customers choose to buy from can seem challenging. Thankfully there are several things you can do to ensure your customers have a good user experience and give you the edge against your competitors.


Keep it simple

Customers want to feel that they can purchase from you and understand your policies and expectations. This means you need to have clear information available on key issues such as how long a product will take to arrive, what happens if it’s defective, how does someone return something and more. This might sound negative but providing information on how you handle any issues gives customers confidence when it comes to buying from you.

The same goes for the purchase process itself, ensure that the third party you use to handle your financial transactions offers smooth, easy integration with your website and keep your checkout stages to a minimum as a long-winded complex process leads to higher cases of cart abandonment. Make sure your contact details are easy to find, consider things like popup chats and phone numbers rather than email forms as the more direct the contact, the more reassured customers will feel.


Showcase your products

You must make the most of showcasing each product you have for sale. Product descriptions should be clear and concise and leave the customer feeling like this is something they cannot live without. Be creative with your photography and make sure you show the product in all its glory. Use more than one angle. Showing the product in action can help customers imagine how this will feel once they own it. You must also edit your photos to remove imperfections and enhance your products. If you don’t have experience editing photos or need some assistance, click here. 

Be clear on things like the weight, size, and shipping and delivery information of each product and explain how each item works. It might sound really basic, but many sales are lost on websites where products are thrown up with little to no description and poor photography. High-quality photography is easier to achieve than you think in this day and age, but if you’re struggling, it is an investment worth making to get some professional shots taken of your key products.

If you’re using an online selling platform alongside your website such as Amazon, use resources such as this Amazon Storefront Optimization Guide to help get the most out of your listings.


Marketing matters

The best site in the world can still go unnoticed without good marketing. Once you have the perfect product descriptions and have ensured that your sale process is easy to navigate, you need to make sure people are visiting your site. Marketing is time-consuming but valuable, and you need to ensure that you are making the use of all possible channels, especially those that are free.

Social media is a valuable platform for many businesses once you work out which of the social media channels your customers are likely to use. For example, Snapchat has a very young user base, whereas Facebook has a wider, broader base and is considered a staple for most businesses. Don’t neglect your existing customers; once you have made contact, you can continue to converse with them via newsletters and email promotions.

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