5 Best Ways to Enhance Ecommerce UX


User experience is paramount when it is about ecommerce sites. This is the one and the only element that has the power to catch visitor’s attention, hold them, convince them to explore your site, and eventually convert them into loyal customers.

You have to understand your sales funnel first because it outlines your customer journey. Once you have an idea of the path your customers take to reach the end of the funnel (conversions), you have a better idea of nurturing the prospects.

Nowadays, ecommerce platforms such as Magento, Ozcart, BigCommerce, Shopify, and others offer several user-experience enhancing features, you have immense opportunities to boost traffic and sales on your ecommerce site. If it is done right and strategically, you can increase the conversion rates by up to 400%!

Here are the best five ways to enhance ecommerce UX:


1- Add Social Login

The first step towards UX is streamlining the process that starts from smooth and hassle-free login. The process of registration and login must be quicker and easier for a user visiting your site for the first time.

Since people visit numerous sites every day, filling up a registration form with unique credentials for each of them is tiring, difficult to remember, and annoying.

The best idea is to use a single set of credentials that work everywhere. Nowadays, almost everyone has at least one social media account that they access on a regular basis. Hence, popular social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. have opened up their API to allow users to use their social credentials as social login for other websites.

By allowing user login through social credentials, you will considerably shorten the process and eliminate the need of remembering another set of credentials for users. If your site doesn’t have social login yet, enable it to enhance UX.


2- Offer Smooth and Trustworthy Payment Options

Payment is one of the most crucial parts of the ecommerce business. As a seller you want a quick transaction to process the product dispatch, while customers want secure and easy payment options.

Include as many options as available. Open every possible option if you do not want to prevent the purchase because not everyone carries credit cards and not all prefer online transactions. Go for all popular options, including PayPal, Paytm, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, among others, along with COD (Cash On Delivery). You may also want to consider allowing digital currencies to be used for purchase. With the significant increase in the value of cryptocurrencies, many buyers want to use their investment profits to purchase goods and services.

Security is often a matter of concern for customers. Hence, take transaction security as a primary issue. For this, you may have to follow Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards or other regulations depending on in which country you are doing your business. Always remember, sales and profit can come only in the form of secure payments.

Hence, it is advisable to never discourage customers by your payment method. While it is vital for your UX, it is essential to build trust among customers for your brand.


3- Include Filtering and Advanced Search

Another aspect of UX is to help users find the exact product of their choice. Filtering and advanced search are the two effective ways of doing so.

For instance, Magento, as an advanced ecommerce platform, provides you the feature called Magento 2 Layered Navigation to add product filtering to enhance the overall experience of website visitors. It enables your customers to browse your product list with Ajax vertical and horizontal filters, based on different criteria such as customer reviews, make/model, size, price range, etc.

The feature will enable users to sort the product items and narrow down their search to find the exact product they are looking for. For better UX, make the filter as broader as possible.

Similarly, include an advanced search feature to allow users to find the product using certain keywords. Most commonly, a search bar is placed on the home page at the top and it is wise to follow the same pattern because this is where users expect the search bar.

Do not forget to turn on the autofill feature that will predict customer’s input as they start typing.

Include these two features to improve searching and make it convenient for your users for better overall UX.


4- Display Product Recommendations

Next comes another interesting UX feature called product recommendations that is a must-have for increased sales. Magento 2 product recommendations have the power to fuel your upselling and cross-selling plans.

By simply displaying similar products, frequently bought together products, or recommended items, you are helping your customers to find similar kinds of products on the same page, saving their time and effort. Besides, it will encourage your customers to make more purchases.

You can even take advantage of email marketing services to promote your products. Email is one of the best ways to reach your customers.


5- Include Wish Lists

Several renowned ecommerce sites are using wish lists as a strong element of UX and their overall sales. On your ecommerce site you can include a feature of Wish List and enable your customers to create and maintain their individual wish lists.

Every customer who likes the products on your site will not necessarily buy them on the same day. With a wish list, you provide customers the chance to select the items of their choice and make a purchase at their convenient time. This way, they do not have to search for the product on the site when they are ready to buy.

On the other hand, using customers’ wish lists you can encourage buying by sending them reminders via email from time to time to remind them that they have unfulfilled items on their lists. Also, let them know when products in the wish list or similar items go under sale.

Wish list is another powerful ecommerce UX feature that ensures stronger buyer relationships and increased sales.



The interaction between the user and the seller determines the success of an ecommerce business. UX design, as an essentially important element for customer interaction, can give a dramatic boost to your website traffic and sales, if done like a pro.

If your ecommerce site lacks a UX feature, you may turn off your customer and let them go forever. Consider the above tips to enhance UX and increase conversion rate. With these changes, you will observe the growing interest of the user and positive effect on your business.

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