5 Ways Online Retailers Can Improve Customer Experience

If there is one thing we’re forever learning about the online world, it’s that user experience (UX) is everything. People will stick around your site or buy from your online store if you give them a reason to. Those reasons come in many forms and can be a real reflection of the time and effort you put into ensuring your customers have a positive experience when buying from you.

If you are looking to improve your customer experience, and you’re willing to get creative when engaging your retail customers, here are some things to think about that can turn your store into an online shopper’s dream!


  1. Loading speed

You’ll want to make sure that your loading time is only a few seconds or less, because your biggest trouble isn’t a competitor, it’s that dreaded back button. Google reported that 53% of users will leave a site if it’s too slow. Today users are accustomed to having fast access to anything they want, so a quick loading website on both desktop and mobile devices is a must. (1)

You can do this by ensuring the size of your images isn’t too big and by having your own domain instead of sharing one with others.


  1. Images

Users want to consume top-notch content, but that isn’t just limited to text. Users react very positively to videos and images, especially if they are interesting and unique. You can get creative when engaging your customers by using one-of-a-kind images that add value to your online store.

For fashion retailers, a great way to incorporate images is by showcasing the clothing you sell in different ways and on different models. This variety and attention to detail can really help improve your customer’s experience and help convert them from a lead to a buyer.


  1. Minimalism

It’s important to have a variety of content—like text, images, and videos—but the trick is to not overload the user with too much. Some websites and online stores have too much focus on showing the user everything, so they fill every nook and cranny with images, color, ads and calls-to-action. This can be overwhelming and confusing for a potential customer.

As a rule of thumb, many web designers and UX experts will tell you that utilizing white space is a must. More users these days like minimalistic designs, where the aesthetic is clean and the information is clear. If you want your products to stand out, have them be the most eye-catching thing on the page. (2)


  1. Optimized for mobile

This is a big one! A majority of people use their mobile devices for just about everything. They do their planning, their communicating, and their shopping using their phones and tablets. Because of this, it’s crucial that your website or online store is optimized for mobile use.

Check that your site loads fast and that all the content fits the way it should on a smaller screen. Many web developers and website creation platforms offer this as a default, but you should still make sure yourself by bringing your store up on your phone to see how easy it is to use and assess whether it looks the way it should.

Also, as mobile search has now overtaken desktop, it’s important to ensure your SEO is up to date and that your strategies are based on mobile searching.



  1. Make it personal

The idea of stepping into the shoes of the user brings us to the last point: personalization. This can really help to boost your customer loyalty. You can use the data you have available to better understand your customers and use this to treat them as individuals. Many online stores offer up surveys and this is a great way to connect with your consumers. In fact, a survey conducted by SmarterHQ actually showed that, when asked, 90% of users were willing to share behavioral data for a better and cheaper online experience. (3) (4)

If your online business doesn’t have a mailing list or social media, you should absolutely get them! Through these platforms you can communicate with customers, create personalized emails for birthdays, offer personal discounts, and establish a loyalty program. You can also try using any analytical data collected to recognize a customer’s location and remember their history.

If your customer feels that you see them, that you know what they need, and you’re willing to give it to them, they’re sure to have an amazing experience!



Set your online store apart by having a strong focus on customer experience. Don’t be afraid of white space, optimize your site to load fast and for mobile use, personalize the user experience as much as possible, and get creative! Your customers will surely be happy to come back and shop with you again.



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