Best Time-Saving Tips For Managing Your Magento Store

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As more and more consumers are settling in their newfound digital behaviors, the eCommerce industry is approaching a 5 trillion USD mark – and is expected to continue growing. This massive online shift is quickly changing consumer habits and expectations, making businesses and entrepreneurs rush to bring their products and services to digital platforms.

As one of the best eCommerce platforms on the market, Magento offers lucrative opportunities for retailers and brands. The open-source software comes with a high degree of flexibility with regard to design and functionality and is one of the most scalable solutions out there. However, it is still a complex application that is sometimes challenging to manage.

Whether you’re a store owner or web developer, finding tools and processes that will save you precious time is essential for optimizing your eCommerce site. To that end, here are some of the best time-saving tips for managing your Magento store.


Use The Right Extensions And Features

Before you start dealing with orders and customers, there are some basic optimization hacks that will streamline your operations. To begin with, you should make your server applications less complex. For example, if you’re using Node.js, implementing a Node Version Manager will let you seamlessly switch between Node versions to save considerable time and effort.

Another thing to pay attention to is the extensions you’re using. They are among the top causes of bad performance, especially since about one-third do nothing except take up valuable resources. While you may have disabled some, they still take up physical space, so if there is an extension that you don’t plan on using, it’s best to delete it to improve your performance.

At the same time, some extensions can significantly improve the functions of your store, boost performance, and ultimately decrease your workload. These include the SEO suite extension, social media integration, order status extension, and GeoIP redirect. The best course of action is to evaluate which ones are beneficial for your goals and stick to only those.


Consider CRM Integration

CRM is a customer relationship management tool for managing your interactions with potential and existing customers. By collecting, monitoring, and syncing customer data, it will take valuable time off your hands and optimize your communications.

Since it offers a unified space for managing your customer information, CRM integration will also widen the scope and effectiveness of your marketing activities. You can use the data to send customized emails, marketing campaigns, and open chat centers. You can also automate tasks, saving valuable time that you would otherwise spend on manual processes, and boosting your shop’s overall performance.


Invest In Website Hosting

One factor that can make a huge difference in managing your Magento store is the hosting of your website. The platform is a successful and attractive eCommerce solution because of its extensive customizability; nonetheless, the backend workings can be very complex.

If you want your store to run at its best, you should invest in an optimized website hosting service to support your needs. Steer clear, however, from shared hosting as this can significantly slow down your loading time. Instead, look for a virtual private server (VPS) or a dedicated server environment. Delegating your hosting needs to a provider will save you time and let you focus on growing your store more efficiently.


Use Inventory And Order Management Software

To get your products to your customers quickly and with no interruptions, you will need to ensure you have the necessary items in stock at all times and can rely on a contingency plan if that fails. This leads to hours of inventory tracking and updating, especially if your products come from different locations. An automated, online system is the best solution for taking these tasks off your hands while ensuring a smooth and accurate tracking system.

With inventory tracking software, you can get real-time updates on your supplies, add new products as they arrive, and streamline your orders. Similarly, order management software will help you manage any returns or refunds and deal with order replacements. These tools offer a centralized system that will automate and streamline processes for you, which will lead to both happy customers and steadier profits.



There is no denying that managing a Magento store is a challenging undertaking. Not to mention, covering all aspects of it takes a considerable amount of time. Apart from delegating your tasks well, automating and optimizing processes is essential for a successful eCommerce store.

Whether it’s using the right extensions and features, a CRM integration, website hosting, or inventory and order management software, saving precious time can lead to sustained business growth. Follow these tips to find the right time-saving solutions and optimize your management process from start to finish.

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