Boosting Your SEO Performance: A Short Guide

It’s the question on all marketers’ lips: how can I get my company or client to the top position in Google’s search results, optimizing its search engine performance?

While there are, of course, some rudimentary rules where SEO marketing is concerned and many of them are well-known inside the industry, Google’s changes in algorithms change the goal posts for many companies, and keep creative marketers on their toes when they’re envisioning new ways in which to boost their SEO.

In this short piece, you’ll learn how to boost your SEO performance in 2020.


Back to Web Design

Sometimes, you’ve made some basic SEO mistakes very early in your business’ lifespan – so early, that these errors lie deep in the code that underpins your website. If you built your website without an eye on how its design could boost your SEO, you’re likely running an SEO strategy without the foundation layers that can really optimize it for your audience and the keywords that they use.

As such, it’s worth revisiting your website’s code, talking with a designer who’s familiar with SEO to help you ramp up the optimization of your site.


Starting a Blog

Blogs are an important component of business websites. They serve the purpose of showing consumers that you’re an active website – posting every week on topics that are relevant to your niche. But, of course, a blog is the place in which you can work in all the SEO magic to your content, like hyperlinks and extra keywords, to help you build optimization across your website. With links in your blog posts to your own product pages, you’ll be able to control the narrative around your brand, and lead more web users onto your website.


Looking into Your Data

Every company currently holds one of the most valuable assets in the modern world of business: data. Whether or not you’re using the data that passes through your network wisely may be the difference between your SEO performance plateauing off, or boosting to the next level. You can use marketing analytics software to help you crunch data, and understand the viewing habits of key consumers, so that you’re able to tailor all of your content, keywords, and search terms into the categories that are most likely to level up your SEO strategy, bringing more business to your site through the data you currently have on your customers.


Social Media

Finally, there are several other ways to get users to file through to your website, where they may choose to trade with your brand. One of the best gateways for this is social media and the more you use it, and the bigger your audience, the more likely you are to find your social media pages – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and others are leading people through to your website. The more active these pages, and the more relevant the posts and titles you use on them, the higher they’ll be placed on Google’s search results, too.

These four tips will help you refocus your digital marketing campaigns, using SEO to boost your business and traffic in 2020 and beyond.

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