Driving eCommerce With Great Product Presentation

The way you present your products is the most important thing when running an eCommerce business. When potential customers or clients see your ads or posts on social media they might be interested in what you offer.

It is not in the best interest of businesses to have images that are only adequate to represent their goods and services. Clipping path services, which provide you with focused and high-quality photographs, raise and boost up your sales. Good photo editing firms like UK clipping path can rapidly change the complexion and quality of an image to make it look appealing for the general audience.

Placing powerful ads and content out there raises expectations. So, they will expect well-presented products on your website. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to present your products to drive your eCommerce business to the top.


eCommerce Business Models

The type of clientele your business caters should determine the details your product presentation contains. There are four basic eCommerce business models, and all four can deal in both services and products.

  • B2C: The business-to-consumer model involves performing transactions online where we buy a product in an online shop and it gets delivered to our doorstep. These include Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc. The product presentation should be covered in product photos, simple and easy-to-understand product descriptions, product overviews, and user reviews.
  • B2B: The business-to-business model is a bit different but functions on the same principle. The transactions occur between businesses and they include services as well. E.g. Skype, LinkedIn, Salesforce, etc. The product presentation should be more comprehensive, and it should contain more technical detail. All specs and features should be listed clearly.
  • C2C: The consumer-to-consumer model is based on transactions between consumers where one consumer buys something from another and vice versa. Some eCommerce businesses based on this model are Amazon Marketplace, eBay, Mercari, etc. The product presentation needs to be simple and visually appealing for the customer.
  • C2B: The consumer-to-business model is based on transactions where a consumer is selling something to businesses. The product presentation needs to be comprehensive, very detailed, and it needs to be a good pitch.


Successfully Presenting Your Virtual Marketplace

There’s a lot of advice out there about having compelling content on your website, posting high-quality but “low-weight” product photos, engaging your audience through social media marketing campaigns, etc.

All of this yields certain results, and it won’t hurt your profits. However, the most important thing for a successful presentation of your virtual marketplace is an immersive experience.

Investing in AI and other solutions to provide virtual shopping areas for your consumers might be the right step to take. But, consumers might not be ready for that step, so we need to engage them in different ways by providing great product presentations.


Engaging Potential Customers

Engaging potential customers doesn’t mean that we need to talk to them to make them interested in what we have to sell. It simply means that we need to use a variety of tools and methods to get them to realize why they need our products.


Creating comprehensive infographics

Comprehensive infographics work well for all types of eCommerce business models. These are a perfect combination of good photography and just the right amount of description. A short description with the right amount of visuals that fit perfectly is the way to go.

Presenting products using only photography is something that almost all businesses do, and presenting them using long descriptions is the most common mistake anyone can make. So, infographics are the golden ratio of product presentation.


Unique photos of deconstructed products

Integrating photos of deconstructed products with all their parts presented into an infographic is a step further. Most people like to figure out how something works and why it works the way it does, that’s why we like seeing photos of deconstructed products.

It’s easy to edit product photos by removing the background and adding descriptions next to them. The only tricky part would be deconstructing the product and taking those photos separately.


Custom product design

Another great way to drive your eCommerce business profits is to offer potential customers the possibility to design their product. If there’s an option like customized pillows, blankets, or bikes, bike parts, or shoes, it’s good to have an ace like this up your sleeve.


360° photos of products and size comparison

Another great way to present your product is to provide a full overview. It’s only logical that we want the view of the product to be as realistic as possible, and seeing it from all sides can have us make a decision.

Although we put the dimensions of the product in the description, we should also place another image next to the product for comparison purposes. It’s good for the customer to know how much space the product might take up in their living room.


User-generated content

An important part of a great product presentation is making the potential customers participate in it. User-generated content can generate more sales if the product is good. Plus, users love posting their experiences online.

So, encouraging your customers to submit videos or photos of your product is important. This way, you get a video presentation of the product and you don’t have to put in the work. Also, customers trust other customers.


Interactive photos

Another great way to do a product presentation is to offer potential customers the possibility to interact with your product. This means adding some animations that are activated by clicking on product parts. It’s a lot of work, but it can be worthwhile.


Visuals in Product Presentation

When we combine all these great factors of product presentation on our eCommerce website, we often forget about the other visuals, e.g. buttons for interaction, frames, etc. The interface needs to be visually appealing:

  • Buttons: They need to be simple shapes with appealing colors such as blue or green. Plus, there should be an animation assigned to the button so it doesn’t stand still when someone clicks on it.
  • Frames: The choice to include frames is a good one. We don’t need to do anything fancy, but the customers need to know that the photos of the products don’t belong to the background of the website.
  • Fonts: Don’t use silly fonts when describing products. The font needs to be clear and easy to understand. The specs need to be presented concisely, and they need to seem serious. The font shouldn’t impact the credibility of the product.
  • Animation: Similar to the slide effects in Powerpoint, the animation effects when displaying your products need to be appealing. No sudden switches or fading between product photos and black backgrounds, it needs to be smooth.
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