Top 5 Essential Components of an Effective Ecommerce Website Design

Soon after their inception, eCommerce websites have changed the topography of buying and selling across the world. Over the years, the sheer convenience and facilities provided by eCommerce websites have made them increasingly popular among the masses. Worldwide sales from eCommerce are expected to plummet to 4.88 trillion USD by the year 2021.

With the rapidly increasing variety of online goods, it is now the best time for businesses to move towards online selling. This way, not only can you cater to more customers around the world, but you also retain your existing customers and attract new ones. What’s more, since businesses are open 24×7, people can check out, visit, or buy your products anytime and anywhere.

Thus, regardless of your business’s size, it is a safe practice to set up your eCommerce store and be future-ready. However, it is easier said than done. Several factors go into creating a successful eCommerce business, and due to it being a purely visual experience, the design plays a major role in its success or failure. A whopping 48% of people evaluate the credibility of an eCommerce business through its design.

A successful eCommerce website design is one that has a good user interface, is visually appealing, and is optimized for greater conversions. But that is only the surface. Let us now get to know the most crucial components of an eCommerce website’s design that make it a hit with customers:

1. Clean & Clutter-free Design

When creating a website design, it is essential to keep in mind that the design must be easy on users’ eyes. Choosing a simple color scheme and aesthetic typography ensures that visitors can concentrate on looking at your products and are not distracted by unnecessary elements within the page. This would also ensure that they stay longer. Having a minimalistic website also helps the web pages load quicker, reducing the overall bounce rate.


2. Easy Navigation

Any eCommerce website design company will tell you that smooth navigation is the cornerstone of any successful website. What makes it more important in the case of online shopping sites it that there are several products under several categories to be explored. If the navigation is convoluted, there is a high chance that users may get puzzled and never visit again. Hence, the design must guide users in finding what they are looking for easily and buying them. Most successful eCommerce websites use the following model for easy navigation:

    • Main Navigation Menu: Almost all of the majorly successful eCommerce platforms feature the main navigation menu at the top-left side of their homepage. It tells us about all they have to offer and helps navigate to exactly what we are looking for in no time. Appreciated by users worldwide, the main navigation menu is a must-have for your online shopping website.
    • Product Categories:  These help you to classify your offerings into different categories for users to find. You can also have subcategories for further differentiation of products.
    • Search Bar: Lastly, users do not always have time to navigate through the menu and categories and therefore find the search bar extremely convenient to find exactly what they are looking for. Moreover, if they cannot find a product inside the main menu, they can easily type what they are looking for in the search bar and see it in the search results section.


3. Mobile Responsiveness

With the number of mobile users increasing by leaps and bounds over the past few years, most people now like to look for their favorite products on their handsets. Thus, to offer them a hassle-free experience, you must contact a company offering website design services and create a design that loads well on mobile devices and screens of every other size. Ensure that users can access all the key features of your site through a variety of devices, and you are sure to attract more visitors and sales.


4. Call to Action

Attracting customers on your site and making it easier for them to find your products is only half the work done. You must also introduce a sense of urgency in them to buy your products with call-to-action messages. This can be through featured product advertisements or discounts within or outside your website. Ensure that if users need any product, they must also be aware of the fact that the product will soon be out of their reach, or that the best time to buy it is NOW! This way, you make them take action for you and help them overcome their buying-inertia.


5. Easy Checkout

How satisfied your customers depend on how you leave them. Hence the final experience must be a 5-star one. To ensure that, you must optimize your eCommerce website’s checkout experience. Provide a hassle-free convenient process for users to choose, shop, and pay. They must be able to view what they have ordered where it will be delivered, and when. Also, it is a good practice to optimize the checkout page for speed.


Are there any more you can think of? Well, let us know in the comments.

With the above tips, you can easily create a stunning eCommerce website that attracts your userbase and helps your business grow. Make sure that you are in constant touch with your customers and highlight your best products before them to ensure greater returns.

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