How To Find Trusted Sellers On AliExpress

AliExpress is, without a doubt, the fastest growing and most popular marketplace to find suppliers and manufacturers that are ready to dropship your products. Once you’ve found your niche and are ready to start creating your product catalog, how do you know whether or not a seller on AliExpress can be trusted?


Has The Seller Sold Anything?

We all know that everyone has to start somewhere. With that being said, a seller on AliExpress with 0 sales may not be the best place for you to start. But, what happens if this seller has an item that you really want to sell yet they have 0 sales and 0 feedback so far?

Well, don’t worry! I have never seen a unique item on AliExpress. If you can find one seller that has an item, there’s likely dozens more with that same exact item and all of them are probably similarly priced.


AliExpress Most Valued Badge

Customers are able to rate these sellers and merchants based on their satisfaction with the ordering process. This can be a good litmus test of sorts, but there’s an even better option. Whenever you’re searching for a product, expand the search field parameters and select the Most Valued box.

By doing this, AliExpress will use their own internal, proprietary rating system to show you the best supplier for the item you’re looking for. This is based on a number of factors, including satisfaction from past buyers, as well as from actual users of the product. If a supplier makes an amazing product but doesn’t have the best shipping time or customer service, they will not be able to earn a most valued badge on their products.


Red & Green Seller Scores

Again, while searching products, you can click the little Sold By arrow next to the product(s) you’re interested in and you will be taken to a rating of the seller of that product or group of products. The red and green seller scores that appear next to the item will paint a good picture of the type of seller you would be dealing with should you intend to purchase those products.

By the way, by far the best platform for you to use is Shopify, in order to see why – check out our guide.


Does The Seller Or Their Store Have A Long History?

AliExpress has been in the game for a long time. On top of that, if a seller is not following good business practices they will not survive, as supplying items on AliExpress is a very cut-throat industry.

Taking those factors into consideration, if you sort suppliers by the length of time on the AliExpress market with a parameter of 3 years or more, you’re likely to find an amazing list of extremely trustworthy suppliers.


Contact The Seller

Another way to judge a seller’s character is to simply reach out to them. We know that scammers can be fake and nice, but if a seller has a fairly good rating and you’re simply on the fence about ordering from them, just reach out to say hello and ask any questions you may have. Their response should either put your mind at ease, or give you a sign to run for the hills!

For more information on this topic, visit SaleSource.


Finding A Reputable Seller Is Important

These guys will be handling the items for your customers. If a problem comes up, you want to be able to properly communicate with them to resolve the issue. You want to ensure that the items are being shipped out quickly and reliably. Do your research and ensure that both you and your dropshipping customers will have a smooth, worry-free process!

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