The Top 5 Less-Known Plugins for Online WordPress Payment, Compared in 2022

Do you wish to give your website users the option of seamless payments? Do you want to know the top WordPress plugin for just that?

There are numerous WordPress payment plugins available. But not every plugin will meet your particular requirements. Ideally, you should use a plugin that provides you with easy access to a wide variety of safe payment methods.

We will discuss some of the top WordPress payment plugins in this article so you may use them to accept payments online.


What Qualities Should a WordPress Payment Plugin Have?

You must be careful while choosing a payment plugin because it will be used for online payments. Along with the financial component, you will be handling private customer data and payment information.

Therefore, selecting a trustworthy payment plugin becomes crucial. We advise keeping a watch out for the following:

  • Secure payments – When it comes to collecting payments online, safety is the most crucial aspect. Ensure that the plugin employs security techniques like SCA (Secure Customer Authentication).
  • More than one gateway – In order for clients to select their chosen payment method, such as a credit card, online banking, or Google Pay, you should also look for a variety of payment entry points.
  • Notifications and alerts – Customers can receive an email confirmation as soon as they complete a payment thanks to SMS notifications and automated email. Additionally, an admin alert will let you know that a purchase has been made.
  • Payment tracking – It would also be very helpful if you could organize your management of payments and client data within your WordPress dashboard.
  • Refunds – When customers request a refund, you will want simple methods to do it without incurring exorbitant costs.

Let’s look at the best WordPress payment plugins with this in mind. You can choose the preferred payment option for your WordPress website because each plugin offers special advantages.


# 1 WPForms

The WordPress contact form plugin that is easiest for beginners to use is WPForms. It enables you to develop and present several forms kinds, such as booking, registration, and payment forms, on your website.

To rapidly set up your payment form, the plugin provides drag and drop form builder and built-in templates. Any WordPress small business website that wants to create straightforward and personalized payment forms without writing any code would benefit from using it.

Even better, you may create a catalog by listing goods and services inside the form. Following that, customers can select the things they wish to buy, and WPForms will continuously alter the final price in accordance with their selection.

You may choose from a number of payment gateways with WPForms, including Stripe, Authorize.Net, and PayPal. You can discover add-ons that you are able to activate with a single click to use the preferred payment method.

Additionally, it offers immediate notifications for receiving alerts on unpaid invoices. As a result, you can easily share the information with your team and keep a record of your payments.


# 2 WP Simple Pay

A premium WordPress payment plugin is called WP Simple Pay. Without adding any code, it enables you to collect one-time and recurring payments on your website.

WordPress allows you to easily add services, goods, and online contribution alternatives. Customers can then sign up for installment payments, regular payments, subscriptions, or bespoke amounts. Additionally, the plugin enables you to set up trial memberships and charge a one-time setup fee.

You may add adaptable choices like Apple Pay, Stripe, Microsoft Pay, and Google Pay to start receiving payments online. The best aspect is that you can include these choices as distinct buttons on your payment forms, making it simple for customers to finish their orders.

You can also give your clients discounts by using coupon codes with WP Simple Pay. With one-time purchases and subscriptions, you can create promo codes for percentage or dollar-off discounts.


# 3 MemberPress

A complete WordPress membership plugin is MemberPress. It enables you to build robust membership sites from the ground up without having to hire a developer.

You can market digital downloads and online courses. The fact that MemberPress provides you with total control over your material is its biggest feature. That implies that you can create your own permissions such that a course automatically unlocks after member fees have been received.

Access to your website’s articles, pages, categories, videos, tags, and other post types may all be granted and revoked using MemberPress. The WordPress dashboard makes it simple to administer and keep an eye on everything.

Additionally, the platform perfectly connects with many well-known WordPress themes, allowing you to make sure that your membership choices and pricing strategies complement the layout of your website.


# 4 Easy Digital Downloads Stripe

To accept online payments, WordPress eCommerce users can purchase the Easy Digital Downloads Stripe plugin, which works with the Easy Digital Downloads eCommerce plugin for WordPress. This is a complete package to build up your online shop and add e-books, documents, courses, and other digital files if you wish to sell them. Stripe is a well known payment gateway provider that has excellent support and an easy to use, comprehensive dashboard.

Users may pay for their goods without going between sites thanks to the on-site checkout it offers. Additional functionality can be added to your online payment system by using the Easy Digital Downloads plugin’s premium extensions.

To provide subscriptions, the plugin provides a strong recurring payment extension. Easy Digital Downloads Stripe can help you enhance customer retention right out of the gate if you offer online courses, licenses for software, and other comparable digital products.

Additionally, you will be able to take payments with Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Microsoft Pay. The best part is that users may use digital wallets, Touch ID, and Face ID along with other checkout choices when using these payment methods, which is great.


# 5 LearnDash

A well-liked LMS (learning management system) WordPress plugin is called LearnDash. It is a one-stop shop for developing and marketing online courses, giving out certificates and badges, and interacting with users.

You have complete control over adding course costs, enrolling people, tracking progress, making user groups, and exchanging emails. Additionally, it automatically notifies users who buy courses online from your website.

It accepts a variety of payment options, such as 2Checkout, PayPal, Stripe, Perfect Money (which comes in handy for betting at Perfect Money-supported betting sites), and others. You can build courses with a one-time fee, monthly or yearly memberships, paid memberships, and offers using LearnDash. To increase revenue, it notifies members when their memberships are up for renewal.


So, Which WordPress Payment Plugin is the BEST?

Even though we have examined some of the best plugins for helping you receive money on your website, it could be difficult to settle on just one.

Here are our top picks for the top three WordPress payment plugins to help you narrow it down:

  • The simplest yet most effective payment method for WordPress is WP Simple Pay.
  • WPForms is the best payment form plugin for creating any type of form and accepting payments online.
  • Easy Digital Downloads Stripe: The best plugin for online sales of digital items and money collection.

There you have it…

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