Why Online Poker Players and Online Shoppers Love Alternative Payment Methods

If you are going to be paying online for anything, you might want to think about using anything other than your bank cards to do so. Shopping online using your credit card is convenient, yes, but it is not always the safest even if you are shopping at a trustworthy site. Let’s take a look at why using an alternative payment method might be better.


Always the Chance of a Leak

Sites nowadays focus a lot on their cybersecurity. They try their hardest to ensure that they have an encrypted website that is going to keep the personal and private data of their patrons as safe as possible. However, there is no guarantee that they will definitely be able to do this. Internet hackers and other nefarious parties are always searching for weak barriers that they can exploit.

Should a company’s systems fail when tested, these hackers can make off with many customers’ valuable information. One of the best cases where this can be seen is with beauty brand Lime Crime. After their site was hacked and many customers reported funds missing from their accounts, the brand’s value amongst online bloggers and beauty lovers plummeted. They serve as a great cautionary tale of what can happen if you do not guard your website well, and can make many think twice about using their card to shop online.


Lots of Payment Partners = Trusted Site

Having a lot of payment methods on offer is no easy feat. Online gamers and shoppers are relieved when they see a site like ggpoker.co.uk or next.co.uk for example, sites which offer several different types of payment method. It means that they have met, and continue to meet, the security criteria for that payment provider as well as offering wider choice to consumers.

If you are able to find a site that can offer you several options in terms of payment provider, it is a good indication that they work hard to ensure that their site is as trustworthy as possible. These payment providers are happy to work with them, and this means that you can trust them to offer a good level of service too.


Using a Middle Man

Having an alternate payment method to use often means that there is some other company that operates as a middle man. Let’s take e-wallets as an example here. Options like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and Trustly are used by many different people for their transactions, whatever they might entail. They are the ones who hold the individual’s financial information. Should the poker site or online shop be targeted by hackers, all they will be able to see is that the customer used one of these payment methods. It places a barrier there for protection.

On top of this, many e-wallets and alternate payment methods have a good set of consumer rights protocols in place. If you feel like your funds have been misappropriated in some way, you will be able to raise a report with them. Should they think that there has indeed been an issue, they can often refund you.


Alternative payment methods are a great choice and should be used by many who are making payments online. Whether you are playing games or shopping online, make sure that you are only doing so at trusted sites, and that your information is kept as safe as can be. With the right protections in place, you should hopefully be able to always keep your personal and financial details safe online. Consider looking into alternative payment methods today – there are so many choices that there will definitely be one that suits your needs!

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