13 Tricks To Improve Your Newsletter Subscription Performance

A newsletter subscription form has become an essential component of any website.

It allows you to get useful information about your clients and those who might be interested in what you ‌offer.

A newsletter form also helps you to keep and improve your contact with your readers.

However, not all newsletter subscription forms provide the same results and outcomes.

They must be designed in accordance with some best practices in order to be effective.

Continue reading if you want to know how to do it. In this post, we’ll go through 13 tips for improving the performance of your newsletter subscriptions.

Let’s get right to it.


1. Create winning newsletter campaigns using Mailchimp alternatives

Before you can even get readers and potential customers to sign up for your newsletter, you must devise a successful plan that will start as soon as they subscribe and continue to engage them.

You will need an excellent email marketing platform to accomplish so. If you’re on a limited budget, you might want to look at some of the best cheap Mailchimp alternatives.

These systems will allow you to automate your email marketing flow, such as sending a welcome email as soon as people subscribe to your newsletter, as well as segment your audience depending on their preferences and send tailored and targeted emails.


2. Optimize your sign-up copy

The copy you produce to accompany your campaign and persuade readers to subscribe to your newsletter is critical.

That is, the copy is critical in persuading individuals to sign up and, as a result, deciding the success or failure of your newsletter subscription campaign.

This is why you should devote enough time and effort to successfully think about and write it.

For example, you may provide users who sign up for your newsletter a coupon, discount, unique material, and other benefits. In general, ‘prizes for subscribing’ are quite efficient in converting.

In the alternative, if you are confident that the content you offer will entice readers to subscribe, you may leverage the benefits of subscribing to your newsletter and tell them about the benefits of being kept up to date every day with the latest news of their interest.


3. Draw attention to important calls to action by using the right format

Text that appears like a wall does not capture the attention of consumers and generally hinders reading.

For these reasons, it may be necessary to properly style the copy and call to action of your newsletter subscription form. For example, you may add trigger terms in bold or italics, such as FREE or discount, and so on.

Even while formatting is crucial, going overboard may make you look professional in addition to untidy and confusing.


4. Let them know what they can expect in exchange for subscribing

Asking users to subscribe to your newsletter isn’t always enough to persuade them.

This explains why many marketers and company owners would rather swap something for anything.

The compensation for subscribing to your newsletter might take several forms, such as a voucher, exclusive access to exclusive content, a free guide or eBook, and so on.

Offering such prizes will, ideally, enhance your conversions and email list.


5. Creates personalized landing pages

Not all sites can persuade readers to sign up for your newsletter.

As a result, it may be required at times to construct focused pages, often known as landing pages.

You will be able to divide your target audience into smaller groups based on age, gender, hobbies, and so on, and target them by designing effective landing pages with content that may be of direct interest to them.

This will pique their interest, and you will be able to develop your email list more effectively.


6. Minimize the clicks it takes to subscribe

Business owners and marketers frequently want their consumers to browse material or fill out forms with as much information as possible in order to create better-focused email marketing campaigns.

Although this may appear to be a brilliant business strategy, it actually discourages people from subscribing.

In reality, consumers frequently dislike spending a lot of time doing anything online and become easily bored.

This explains the necessity of easing the subscription process and requests only a few actions from them.

A good subscription form requires users to enter their email address and click on the subscription CTA. This two-step form is simple and quick to complete, and it will undoubtedly grow your subscriber list.


7. Create outstanding designs to attract subscribers

Design is a vital part of today’s world.

Awful layouts, non-intuitive elements, bad colors, out-of-date styles, and other factors can undermine the efficacy of your campaign and the usability of certain activities people might perform on your website.

As a result, it is critical that you employ a modern design that is consistent with your brand and adheres to current UX trends as well as potential audience preferences.

So use vibrant colors, great copy, and a well-styled call to action.

Checking out some of the best newsletter templates might help you design an outstanding design.


8. Use pop-ups

Newsletter sign-up forms are often placed at the bottom of a page. This makes it tough for consumers to notice them at times, and when this occurs, you lose an opportunity to convert a user.

If you believe that describes your circumstance, then adding a pop-up may be the right solution.

You may have the pop-up display just when people are about to leave and press the back button.

This will persuade them to stay longer and subscribe to your news and content.


9. Test button elements

What is the color of your button? What exactly does the copy say? If you believe this is unimportant, you may be passing up an opportunity to increase newsletter subscribers.

The correct hue may instill confidence, urgency, or even relaxation. Use a color that sticks out on your website rather than blending into the background.

Experiment with another phrasing for your button content, rather than the standard “sign up” or “subscribe.” Consider text that is straightforward, customized, and adds value to your user.

When a person subscribes to your newsletter, they should not have to guess what occurs next.

Effective button copy comprises the following:

  • start my free trial
  • give me 10% off
  • send me my free eBook/guide


10. Keep track of your subscribers’ results

Knowing whether or not your currency newsletter subscription strategy is effective is critical in assessing its performance.

To accomplish so, you must keep track of all metrics related to it, such as the number of subscribers, conversions, and so on.

This emphasizes the significance of configuring and employing analytics tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and other important platforms and tools.


11. Allow users to choose the email content they wish to subscribe to

If you have a website or a blog that covers several topic categories, people may not be interested in all of them. If you simply provide a single subscription and so send them articles covering all topics, they may become annoyed and discouraged from subscribing at first.

To overcome this barrier, provide them the option to subscribe and select the material about which they wish to be notified through email.

You can, for example, provide a checklist that allows users to check off all the boxes containing the material of their choice.

This will not only help you raise the number of subscribers, but it will also help you understand your subscribers’ preferences and launch targeted email marketing campaigns.


12. Remove distractions

Do you provide multiple CTAs at the end of your articles? How many options do your visitors have?

If you overwhelm your readers with alternatives, they will be unable to choose the one action you want them to take.

As a result, you should eliminate all distractions that go beyond the necessary information and actions that users should read or interact with.


13. Share posts that lead users to click the call-to-action email link in your bio

While you may not want to publish articles that state, “Give us your email,” you may surely benefit from sharing content that urges visitors to provide their contact information.

For instance, you may promote a contest and inform people that they can participate by clicking the link in your bio and entering their email addresses.

In another case, if you release an instructional video on how to use your products, you may persuade customers to sign up since your emails will have more information on how to use your products.



If you want to grow your audience, which might result in more clients and revenue, you must increase your email subscribers.

You may achieve it in a variety of ways, as this blog article has shown; two examples are refining your copy and eliminating distractions.

Along with boosting website traffic and forging stronger relations with your audience, using the best practices outlined in this post can help you see results in terms of subscribers and sales.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. Hopefully, you found it informative and helpful.

If you want to read more, please check out this article on the best 5 SaaS email marketing examples for 2022.

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