5 SaaS Email Marketing Examples for 2022

Email marketing has taken over the SaaS space, and companies are now jostling to secure a spot in customers’ inboxes. To be one of the few whose emails get opened, you need to learn the necessary email marketing optimization techniques. Companies using these techniques are ahead of others in terms of email marketing. We will look at some of them now.


Top SaaS Email Marketing Examples

Here are some SaaS companies that have been at the top of the pack throughout 2021 with strategies that are still relevant going into 2022:



Grammarly is a grammar-checking platform that helps users improve their spelling and plagiarism count on their written projects. You might be wondering is Grammarly premium worth it? Grammarly has one of the best email marketing campaigns, thanks to its visually appealing setup. The platform relays statistics to customers through images and prompts the readers to do what they want them to do; sign up for Grammarly Premium.

Grammarly is known for its promo emails with which it introduces and promotes its new products to customers. The platform also uses these emails to offer discounts to customers and keep those customers engaged with their brand. Employing an email campaign strategy like Grammarly will reduce the SaaS churn rate and make customers anticipate your emails. Grammarly excels in their promo emails because:

  • They place the call to action at the top to prioritize it;
  • They include visual images to grab the attention of readers;
  • They link to social media to boost engagement;
  • Their content is customer-oriented.



For SaaS companies, it is important to confirm a subscription upon getting new emails into your list. The essence of this is to reduce churn rate and comply with GDPR policies which state that businesses can only send solicited emails. With that complication, businesses have sent confirmation emails to subscribers before adding such emails to their mailing list.

Buzzfeed is one of the brands doing this best. They have a fun subject to grab readers’ attention amidst the deluge of emails, and the copy itself makes the readers feel great as they read it. The company’s emails have a light tone, and their call to action is bright, so you cannot miss it. Buzzfeed is leading because:

  • Their emails are entertaining;
  • They place their unsubscribe button noticeably to guide people who are no longer interested in their content;
  • Their cat image appeals to the side of readers who love pets and everything fun.

You should check out some SaaS welcome email templates if you want to leverage the kind of strategy Buzzfeed uses.



When in a competitive market space, you take all the publicity you can get. As a result, people naturally trust recommendations from others around them rather than traditional advertisements or email newsletters. Revolut leverages this reality by rewarding subscribers to bring their friends to subscribe. This type of email is known as referral marketing and helps increase brand visibility.

Revolut email campaign uses simple headlines and great landing pages to make subscription easy for new customers. Once you get through the headline, an engaging copy awaits you throughout the rest of the email. Revolut’s email is different because it:

  • Has a simple headline that tells you what the email is all about;
  • Has a landing page that gets new visitors to subscribe;
  • Sticks through to the company’s image.



One of the ways SaaS companies get customers to engage with the brand is through trials. SaaS companies often allow customers to use their services for a while without paying. The rationality behind this is that it will prompt customers to get interested in the service enough to pay. As a SaaS company, your goal is to earn from your services, so you should pay attention to how Airtable has been able to get customers from trial to paid status.

After signing up for a free trial, Airtable gives customers an extension on their trial period before moving to the paid category. The company keeps its emails simple to focus on what the customer gains by signing up for their service. Airtable:

  • Engages trial users in a fun way;
  • Allows subscribers to engage their brand;
  • Links to the company’s FAQ page where customers can answer their inquiries.



No SaaS company wants customers to unsubscribe from their newsletter, but it still happens, no matter how great your campaign is. BetaList uses a very interesting strategy when people unsubscribe from their newsletter. They send such customers what is commonly known as a breakup campaign to show that they care.

The email includes apologetic words to show that the loss of the customer is sad news to the company. Then, they include a CTA that allows the customer to subscribe back if they wish. They give the option of a weekly newsletter for customers who do not want too many emails. BetaList email campaign is dynamic because:

  • It engages unsubscribed users and gives them the option to rejoin;
  • It allows such users to express their concerns;
  • The CTA is strategically placed.



To get a share of the SaaS market for your brand, you need to know what the successful brands are doing well and emulate those. Then, when you take bits and pieces from the strategies that distinguish each of these brands, you can create an email campaign that will improve your success rate in 2022.

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