Gmail Message Clipped – Explained, Solution

If you see Gmail message clipped in your emails sent, you’ve come to the right place.

It is extremely important to make sure that all your emails or newsletters you send out reach your readers effectively. Readers need to open your email, see it and have their attention captured immediately so that you can convert. With your email messages clipped by Gmail your emails are basically useless!


Why does Gmail Clip Messages?

Gmail has a size limit of the text that can be in a single email. 

The size limit refers to the actual HTML of the email which consists of HTML, CSS, text and more. If the total size of all the text together exceeds a specific limit Gmail will simply display a [Message clipped] View entire message string instead.

Gmail has a 102Kb size limit on the text of emails.

Images, attachments and other resources are not calculated into the size limit set by Gmail per email.

Gmail message clipped size limit


How to Fix Gmail Message Clipped Notice

To resolve the Gmail clipped message notice you simply need to reduce the size of your email text.

Usually the culprit that causes the large size in emails is the CSS in the newsletter template. So that is the first part you can check to see if it could be the cause.

Tips to Fix Gmail Message Clipped

Here are some tips on fixing the Gmail message clipped issue:

1. Remember to keep your email content below 102Kb in total.

2. Only put the most important information into your emails, keep the rest on your website.

3. Keep your newsletter template simple because a complex template may contain much CSS and HTML.

4. Don’t copy/paste content from other sources and if you do, make sure to paste the unformatted content.

5. Images and attachments do not add to the calculated size limit so don’t worry about that.

6. Always test your emails and newsletters before sending them out to your subscribers.

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  1. Tribulant Software on June 28, 2020

    Agreed! It’s a feature we’d love for them to remove. It makes no sense to have it and creates problems.

  2. Paddy on June 28, 2020

    > Gmail has a 102Kb size limit on the text of emails.

    I wish that that were the explanation. I find that “Message clipped” is entirely arbitrary. I sometimes receive large emails that aren’t clipped, and sometimes tiny ones that aren’t. I can’t determine a pattern.

    For example, today I received an email that is a mere 9Kb large, even when including all the routing information. The first two lines are italicised, and apart from that there is no formatting, not even a link.

    This “Message clipped” is ridiculous, and I wish that Google would get rid of it.


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