Professional Newsletter Template Update


A new update for the Professional newsletter template is now available!

Amazing Improvements

We have drastically improved the Professional newsletter template in several areas.

It has been thoroughly tested with all possible HTML elements such as links, lists, tables, buttons, images, etc. to make sure that all these elements are styled and rendered correctly to your readers.


Additionally, the newsletter template is 100% cross-client compatible and responsive, rendering perfectly on Apple Mail, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Android, iOS and any other device/client combination that you can think of. No coding or anything is required, it all just works for you out of the box!

See the online Email on Acid test across email clients.


Changes Made

A list of changes in this update:

  • Do not display PRE and CODE block, can be inline
  • Remove blue borders from images inside links
  • Fix width and responsiveness in all email clients
  • Height of images not correct in some Outlook email clients
  • Padding not working on some columns/elements
  • Style tables in content
  • Support for WordPress galleries in emails/newsletters
  • Some content blocks are centering content
  • Add tracking shortcode to all *-newsletters.html templates

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  1. Web Design Bahrain on March 18, 2018

    Thank you so much for this newsletter template,
    Most people don’t have the PSD file.. this is much better.

  2. Jonathan Overton on April 26, 2016

    Wow! It is exactly what I was looking for! We have writers on and to manage the whole process I usually send newsletters with the orders or updated policies. I’ve bookmarked your article and going to use it quite often.


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