Send Newsletters The Right Way – Part 1

Sending newsletter emails is certainly one of the best methods to promote services and products online, when done the right way this practice can bring huge results to your business. It`s important to be careful though, small mistakes that can be easily avoided may turn it into a big disaster.

If you want to learn the best practices and tips on how to use your newsletters to generate traffic and leads to your website keep reading this series of articles that we prepared for you.

14.5 billion SPAM messages are sent daily

Always ask for permission

Make sure that everyone on your mailing list has accepted to receive your content. Sending promotions and news to subscribers that will mark your emails as SPAM may not only be an unnecessary use of resources but also turn your server into a target for SPAM Filters, hurting your reputation with other subscribers.

Using high quality mailing lists and a double opt-in system to confirm subscriptions is the best way to ensure your content will be properly delivered specifically to those who demonstrated interest in communicating with your company.


Make it Personal

How many times have you sent an email to your trash or SPAM box without opening it? If you receive hundreds of emails daily like our team, thousands I`d say. The best way to avoid this kind of behavior from your subscribers is to turn your robotized emails into something personal.

Instead of using an email address like why not use a personal one like This will not only increase the chances of your email not ending up on your subscriber SPAM box but will also create a bond between the recipient and your company.

The same principle applies to the “From” name used, why use “Company Name – Newsletter” when you are the person behind the whole process? Use your name, company position, create bonds with your customers, make sure they feel like you took your precious time to handpick the content they want to read, that`s how it should work after all.

Using our WordPress Newsletter plugin you can configure double opt-in as needed, personalize sending settings and also personalize content to subscribers by using custom fields inside newsletters to insert their name, etc.

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