Steps For An Incredible Email Design

Build Incredible Email Design

Here’s how to create a beautiful email design.

Build Incredible Email Design

Email newsletters act as a powerful source to keep in touch with your consumers on a daily basis. However, in order to attract people and make them aware of your product and services requires to come up with an effective newsletter. When designing for email, you need to employ the best tricks to make sure your message gets through audience in a clear and concise way. All you need to do, is respect your readers by offering them something valuable.

Here are some of the best tips to follow when creating an email template design for your business:

1. Keep it clear and transparent

This is an important thing to consider in order to keep readers away from confusion and guess work. It is recommended to avoid using subject lines, cryptic sender names or preheaders. This will maximize chances of marking those mails as junk or spam.

For maintaining relevancy and authenticity, it is important to reveal your identity. Always remember, if your intentions are clear, your proposal will never be overlooked.

To make sure you to get maximum responses from your readers, go for meaningful sender name, subject line and above the fold content. Exceptional email template needs to be cleverly designed to attract the attention of readers.

2. Use of mobile-friendly elements

With more than 50% of the emails being viewed on mobile devices, it has become important for email marketers to get along with mobile email strategy. Using responsive design is a great option, however, in cases where media queries are not supported, mobile-friendly elements do have an important role to play.

Large text along with touch-friendly elements provide subscribers with the best browsing experience.

3. Consider 600 px wide

This is the highly recommended maximum width for a desktop design to ensure that users don’t have to scroll here and there unnecessarily. Emails do not get displayed on the entire screen. It would be locked within the size of display box. The size of those boxes may vary, however, 600 pixel ensures that the entire width of your email displays in a user’s preview box or email. No subscriber would love to use horizontal scroll bar within an email.

4. Go for responsive email design

A well-defined responsive HTML email makes use of media queries to display emails in a certain way. There are many desktop and web mail clients that do not support media queries but smartphone and tablets always do support.

Using this design, you can create a multi-column email that is easy-to-read, single-column and supports the mobile version. Media queries are versatile because one can easily target specific screen sizes and also specific pixel density screens.

5. Keep the message straight and focused

When writing emails for your subscribers, emphasis should be given on delivering the most effective content. Once you start craming many different topics into a single message, there are increased chances of getting a diluted response from subscribers.

So, if you want to concentrate the attention of subscribers, you should start limiting your message to not more than 3 different topics.

Final Thoughts:

When designing an incredible email design, there are a lot of things to consider. The points mentioned above will definitely give a solid start to build a foundation for your email marketing strategy.

So, if you have a plan in mind, you need to get started right away. Are you ready? Please let us know your ideas in the comments below.


Nola Arney is a reputed psd to email template developer employed at HTMLPanda. She enjoys exploring the latest technologies and taking new challenges. Apart from being a developer, she has contributed to all high-quality write-ups like Email template development and also loves to share her development expertise with the readers.

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