The Definitive Guide to Growing Your WordPress Blog’s Audience Faster


As the owner of a WordPress blog, finding your niche, creating informative content, and keeping your page updated will only get you so far. To branch out to consumers, you will need to understand the importance of email marketing and how it can be a great tool to build traffic to your blog.

Whether your blog is for business or pleasure, gaining traffic should be your top priority. With that in mind, here is a guide on how to grow your WordPress blog’s audience faster.


Start Networking

While you may see them as competitors, networking with other bloggers on a frequent basis can be a great way to build your audience. You should never underestimate the value of networking, especially as you will notice an influx of shares, engagement, and traffic to your blog. Once you have curated strong relationships with other bloggers, you will know what strategies to take to help one another. You need to remember that there has to be a mutual benefit in order to expand your demographic. Finding bloggers who specialize in your niche is the best place to start. There are other things you can do, such as leaving helpful comments on other blogs and engaging with bloggers on social media platforms.


Encourage Social Sharing

The more social shares you get, the better chance you have of gaining more traffic to your blog. For each new person that shares your content, they will have friends who will be exposed to your blog for the first time. If you’re struggling to drum up interest, there are several things you can do to encourage others to share your content. You need to make the process straightforward, so adding social share buttons at the top of your blog page is important. It’s advised to limit the number of share buttons you post, so sticking with popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is key. If you have a Facebook business page, make sure that you post links to your blog throughout so consumers know where to go.


Make Promotion a Priority

There is a lot more involved in promoting a blog post than publishing it to your feed. To see an increase in numbers, you will need to make marketing and promotion a priority. To start, make sure that you create a checklist on a spreadsheet that will ensure you have covered the bases. For each post, you will need to have a headline, post excerpt, post description, and a shortened URL. There are other basic promotion tactics that you can incorporate, such as emailing to your subscribers, sharing to popular social bookmarking sites, and sharing to your social networks.


Tidy Up Your Blog’s User Experience

When visitors hit your blog page, you will want them to stick around for as long as possible. Creating an excellent user experience will increase the chances of them coming back for more. There are a few things that you can do to tidy up the user experience, such as making it clear who your blog is aimed at, how your blog will help them, trimming down navigation menu items, and removing unnecessary clutter. Page loading times should also be taken into consideration. With many of us leading busier lives than ever, consumers don’t have the time to wait around, so making tweaks to improve load times is essential.


Create an Email List

Building an email list is one of the best strategies you can take to keep your audience interested in your blog. Using an email provider, offering incentives in exchange for email addresses, and making the subscription process straightforward is crucial. Understanding how to send out a mass email is important, as you will be able to target more people about the latest developments and content on your blog. When sending out newsletters, make sure that you deliver content that the reader will resonate with. There can be a fine line between checking in on your readers and spamming their inbox, so finding the right balance is important


Engage with Your Readers

If you want readers to turn into loyal followers of your blog, you need to stay connected with them. Once you begin interacting with your readers, you will help to foster a stronger community within your blog. Being accessible, responding to your readers, and involving readers in your content can help build a sense of trust and respect for your page. While you may find it time-consuming, showing that there is a human behind the content can help readers trust your content and recommend your page to friends.

Once you have created a WordPress blog, doing everything in your power to build your audience is important. Gaining traffic and generating leads is crucial for a business blog, so using all the advice listed above can help expand your audience base.

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