Tips and Tricks to Build an Email Sign-up Form that Doubles Conversion

Businesses and website owners use sign-up forms to collect information and interact with their website visitors. This information might include things such as collecting email addresses, names, phone numbers, physical addresses, and birthdays, among others.

The information collected on sign-up forms depends on what a business does and what they want to achieve. There are different ways of incorporating a sign-up form into your website. Some businesses use newsletter sign-ups, pop-up forms, or exit intent pop-ups, among others.

However, not all website owners achieve the intended success with their sign-up forms. This is because they do not know how to create forms that convert. Here are a few tips and tricks to follow when building an email sign-up form that doubles conversion;


Ensure Email Sign-Up Forms are Positioned Prominently

Where do you place your email sign-up forms on your website? Well, this is a very important factor when it comes to determining how good at conversion your email sign-up form is. You would be surprised to find some website owners placing these forms in hidden places.

If your website uses newsletter sign-ups, account creation, and email marketing to boost its sales, then you need to ensure that your email sign-up forms are positioned prominently on your website.

You can place these forms on the homepage of the website either on the slider or at the top burner of the page. This ensures that the form is one of the first few things that website visitors see when they visit your website. You can also place the form after the main page content or on the sidebar.


Offer Incentives to Website Visitors

You have created an email sign-up form to collect information from your website visitors. So, why should a visitor give you their email address? This is a question most website visitors will ask themselves before giving you any information.

Today, people are receiving more spam emails than ever before, meaning that they are more sensitive than they have ever been. This means that most website visitors are not willing to give out their personal information.

However, you can overcome this hurdle by offering an incentive to your website visitors. You need to make them feel like they are getting something for giving you their email address. It could be product discounts, coupons, or free products/services, among others. This will be instrumental in doubling your form conversion.


Build a Simple Email Sign-Up Form

It is very important to ensure that your email sign-up forms are simple. One way of achieving this is by asking only for the information that you need. If you do not need a website visitor’s birthday, for instance, do not ask for it on the forms.

You should understand that your website visitors are busy and do not have time for long forms. Others might have restrictions due to the privacy and security of the information that they provide. Simple forms perform better than complicated and long ones. Also, highlight that when collecting their data, you will take all necessary steps, including doing DMARC configuring and following email security measures, to keep your communication with stakeholders safe from malicious attacks.

You can also consider using dynamic opt-in signup to ensure that users have options when providing you with their personal information. If you have to collect a lot of information, you can consider making a simple form and then allowing users to complete their profiles later during their journeys on your website.


Add an Attractive Call-to-Action

What does the call-to-action on your form look like? Does it motivate website visitors to provide the information that you need? If you were to do a little survey, you would find that most websites use the normal “Subscribe” or “Sign Up Now” on their form buttons.

This is not a good choice today. Modern website users see this as a form of telling them that they are getting into a commitment, ongoing interaction, or involvement with your company, something that they do not like.

Instead, use attractive words such as Let Us Go, Get Access Now, or Get Started, among others. This is going to show your website visitors that they are in this together with you and can leave whenever they want without any problems.


Integrate Other Apps for Management

You might be building an email sign-up form to collect information for website visitors and build a list for engagement. With advancements in technology, you do not have to manually manage your lists especially if you send newsletters to subscribers.

You can integrate plugins such as the Tribulant WordPress Newsletter Plugin that not only manages your subscribers but also helps you send newsletters to them, autoresponders, or even offer premium newsletters where subscribers must pay before receiving those emails. You can also consider other applications such as Mailchimp to simplify the work for you, though Mailchimp also integrates with the Tribulant Newsletter plugin.

At the end of the day, you need to simplify the work for yourself and your website visitors. You also want to ensure that your web visitors are providing you with the information that you need. A form that does not convert will not help you.


Avoid Distractions

Building an eye-catching and vibrant website is important when it comes to website conversion. However, there is a problem with this when it comes to forms. This is because it gets a little bit harder for your email sign-up forms to be noticed.

You could be having a lot of content on your website that makes it difficult for a person to see your forms. It is, therefore, important to try as much as you can to avoid distractions on pages where you have your email sign-up forms.


Website conversions are very important when it comes to the success of a business. Part of this conversion is achieved through email sign-up forms. Following the tips and tricks discussed above, you will find it easy to double the conversion of your email sign-up forms.

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