FAQ plugin 1.6.1

We are excited to announce version 1.6.1 of our WordPress FAQ plugin!

It includes several useful features, many improvements and bug fixes too. See the detailed release notes for a list of changes made.

New Feature Highlights

Here are the feature highlights:

Paging for Questions

Paging for Questions

Configurable paging for questions in all shortcodes is now available in the FAQ plugin.

This is especially useful for websites with many frequently asked questions where scrolling and finding answers may be too cumbersome without paging.

RSS Feed for Questions

RSS Feed

An RSS feed for your questions/answers of your FAQ plugin that is publicly visible to your users. They can subscribe to the RSS feed to get answers on the latest questions related to your product, service or whatever it is that you fulfil.

Turn it on/off and configure it in the settings section of the plugin.

Random, Specific & Custom Order for Groups

Order Groups

Ordering/sorting FAQ groups is now quick and easy with more options available. You can set them to random order, choose a specific field and direction to order by or just drag/drop them into the order that you want them to be.

Expand/Collapse Icons for Questions

Expand:Collapse Icons

Simple expand/collapse icons for questions to better illustrate the open and closed status of questions and their answers in the FAQ plugin for WordPress.

Get the FAQ plugin 1.6.1 Now

If you haven’t purchased our WordPress FAQ plugin yet, you can go ahead and do that on our website right now.

Existing customers can update the FAQ plugin by going to FAQs > Updates inside the plugin and update from there. Or alternatively get the latest version in your downloads management section if you prefer to upload it youself.

Get the FAQ plugin

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  1. Caroline Cohen on July 31, 2018

    This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 3 years. Has it been tested for vulnerability? Are there any updates planned for the future?


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